Knitting Earflap Hat Progress

I’ve finally made the transition from MT over to WordPress. Comments were always such a headache with MT, but I liked the format. This will take a bit of getting used to. I still have some tweaks to do, too.

Oh. Well.

Knitting: Working on a hat with ear flaps. Due to the girth of my hair, I need a large hat. I can’t seem to find large hats!! Frustrating. So, I decided to make my own. This is the first time that I’ve worked (successfully) with circular needles. Progress Picture?

Earflap Hat Progress (1)


I hope to have this finished before the end of the month. We go up to the cabin next week, and that will give me some time to work on it. Knit, read, knit read…

Edit: Update, finished hat is here.

2 thoughts on “Knitting Earflap Hat Progress

  1. You mentioned in one of your craft posts that you were unable to knit socks for whatever reason… Have you ever tried to knit them on two pr. of circulars..? I am not a very experienced knitter by any means and I found a really easy pattern to follow, It can be found in a book called “Knit Along With Debbie Macomber – A Good Yarn” (Leisure Arts #4135) I bought mine at Michaels using a 40% off coupon… I think I paid like $7 for it.
    Give it a try, I bet you’ll have fun with it ! Good luck…!

  2. Hey thanks for the tip, Lana. You know, I haven’t tried it on circulars… interesting. We do have a local shop here with knitting classes and that might be the way to go for me. I *so* badly want to make some socks.

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