Rossi’s Pizza

Every now and then we order pizza from Rossi’s in Monona. The pizza is good, but I gots to show you a picture of it. Keep in mind that we’re a family of seven and never (well, almost never) does one pizza work for feeding all of us. This pizza is the exception. It is huge. If I remember correctly, it is 30 inches.



Frank is holding it. You have to turn the box sideways, carefully, to fit it through the door. The big factor isn’t all, though, it is a tasty pizza as well.

5 thoughts on “Rossi’s Pizza

  1. You knucklehead – I didn’t see the smiley beside and thought, “WTF, How am I able to see it and why the hell wasn’t I in the know?” Hee! Damn, that pizza looks good.

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