Cat in a Box

I like ya, Nance. It sucks you don’t have comments, but somehow I’ll survive. Comments, shmomments. Speaking of, I’ve tried responding on two Blogger blogs today, but the comments didn’t go through so forget it, I gave up.

. . .

I’m feeling lazy, so I’ll do a meme of sorts.

1.) How many links to do you have on your blogroll/link page? Do you visit all of the sites on your blogroll?
Too many. Not going to count them, either. No, I don’t visit them all. Not anymore. I just don’t have time or desire. But I keep them there for a rainy day.

2.) Does anyone you know in real life have a blog? Who?
Besides me? No. Well maybe. I’ve met Becky. She hasn’t updated in a while.

3.) What three sites do you visit every day?
Definitely Gmail (for personal and work)
my site (but sometimes skip a day or two)

. . .

I think I may turn down both job offers that I have right now. They are both in semi-regret. Money, I need more of. Time-hogs, I don’t. It is a balance. I will keep my ear to the ground, though, and will continue to try to be more thrifty. Frugal. Frank, on overtime, makes 4x my hourly salary. The smartest bet is for him to work overtime when possible.

. . .

Who says cats don’t have personality? As much as Fred is void of oodles of brain cells, he’s a sweet cat. Who loves boxes. And dog cages.

Click any for largerWho says the dog house is just for dogs? – Picasa
Food. Box. I need nothing else – Picasa


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