Joy and Freedom

Some good friends of ours grew up in a town between Milwaukee and Chicago. They drive back “home” to visit once a month, staying with my girlfriend’s parents. Often, they stop at a well-known Italian grocery there, picking up delicious cheeses, meats and wine and bringing them back for us to enjoy with them. We’ve always said that we wanted to go there someday to eat at some of the infamous restaurants they’ve raved about. This fall, Dants had soccer there one weekend, which just happened to be the weekend our friends were taking a trip there. So we got a hotel for the night and made the most of the opportunity.

The hotel was nothing great, but the view was outstanding. Sitting right on the harbor of Lake Michigan (upgraded for free!!), the view from the window made up for the old-people smell that permeated the entire building.

Frank, being the wonderful husband that he is, took our boys plus our friend’s kids down to the pool, while they (our friends) took me across the street to a little bar. After that, they showed us the town, took us to her parent’s house, the Italian grocer… stopped to see the meteorite that landed outside of town decades ago, and then back to the hotel. Even though it was one night, it was soooooo nice to get away. We really needed that. Pictures say it best. Click any for a larger view on Picasa.

On the way in town we spotted 2 things they don’t have in Madison: Dunkin Doughnuts and White Castle. I bought some munchkins (I think that’s what they’re called, the little doughnut holes) while Frank got some mini burgers from the ‘Castle. Don’t forget the DD coffee!!

The kids with Frank and Dants, and the meteorite.

Totally freaky, life-like mannequin at the restaurant. The kids stared at it for a long time, thinking it might come to life. Dants quickly snuck over and helped the fear factor along by giving it a shove and grunting.

Camera phone shot: This picture doesn’t get bigger. Frank and I on the pier. I have a potato head, I’ve been told.

Another camera phone shot: Me with my wild hair, totally freaking thinking I may get blown off the pier into ice cold water. Frank’s not good with the camera, and it took more than one shot to get a picture. Butterflies in my tummy the entire time. Paranoid? YES.

Below are some of my absolute FAVORITE shots of the boys. Jumping on the beds at the hotel. They scream of joy, freedom.


Lootie (who was the one who started it all, with special talent for mattress jumping, I must add)…

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