Eggnog and brandy. Yum-yum delicious. Although, 11pm, writing an entry with eggnog on the brain…

Work. Staff meeting, bulletin compiling, printing and folding.
Dinner out with Frank and Sophia. Indian food.
Come home, check email.
Go to doctor, quick visit. All OK.
Back home for a short while.
Take daughter to work, head out to mall.
DT’s birthday coming up, bought him a hoodie from Zumiez. He’s love a snowboard, but we haven’t enough money.
Also bought a belt for Franny.
Sweatshirt for Lootie (for Christmas).
T-shirt with the Hulk on it for Sal (bought on the sly along with the sweatshirt from Steve & Barry’s). Got DT some desperately needed jeans.
Went to Barnes & Noble, got a coffee and window shopped.
Went to Verizon and replaced Frank’s dying cellphone with an upgrade (thank goodness we were due for one or the phone price would have been outrageous).
Came home, Frank went out with a few friends, I went to pick up Sophia from work.
Did a little shopping while I was there, just me and Soph. Nice. Things have been so rocky with us, her — it was nice to just walk and enjoy some time together.
Got deodorant, dental floss, a new purse (after slinging a half dozen or so options over my shoulder, annoying my daughter to near tears — she just wanted to get home and eat pizza).
Came home, heated up some pizza, transferred my things to my new purse.
Ate pizza, had some eggnog and getting ready for bed. Have to get up at the obscene hour of 6am to get the twins to a soccer game.


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