Google is Down

Gmail is great. Got all my email on there.

Google is fine and dandy, too. Got the toolbar set up to search from the Goo’ an everything.

Until it goes down and you can’t access it over the span of a couple days.

I can’t seem to find any information on why Google is down or how long it will be.

8 thoughts on “Google is Down

  1. Fixed the .comc thing. Thanks. So it is indeed working, eh? Maybe it is my computer.

    I’m going crazy, though. I can’t access my Gmail or Google. Haven’t been able to since yesterday. Not from either computer. 🙁

    Can ping it, but can’t pull the page up.

  2. As a help desk IT slave of over 11 years, I see this approach. Check your browser security settings and make sure no one’s accidentally blocked the site. Check your firewall. Restart your PC. Is there another machine you can try in the house to be sure it’s not that particular one?

  3. Yeah, I’m able to access it. I couldn’t get my mail for almost an entire day one day last month – it was a Gmail thing, they knew about it and were working madly to fix it – and it drove me NUTS. I feel your pain!

  4. Hey ladies, thank you. I checked my settings… nothing. Finally restarted and that did the trick.

    Robyn, thanks for the emotional support, ha — can’t tell you how nice it was to check it again. And to Google. Yay.

  5. Hmm, very odd. Sometimes we need to restart (or unplug) our router because it will cache pages sometimes. I think it is a comcast thing really but it fixes A LOT of problems. =o)

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