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I’m a self-diagnosed hypochondriac. I think I’ve mentioned that before. Google is my friend and my foe.

After Googling for nearly a year, and reading up on Candida (there’s a million links for this, that’s just one of them — here’s another), I pinpointed that as possibly one of my “issues.” I’ve been taking acidophilus for over a year, trying to restore some balance to my system, but thought maybe I needed to take a bit of a stronger approach.

Took myself to Whole Foods, stared at the different oils. I initially went there for some oregano oil, but then realized they had a slew of different products specifically related to yeast cleansing, wouldn’tcha know? I talked with the nice lady there who was very knowledgeable and patient. We narrowed my purchase down to two different yeast cleansers. I went with this one: Solaray Yeast-Cleanse .

In retrospect I don’t know how on earth I ended up buying this stuff, considering I went in there for oregano oil, NOT a yeast-cleanse and I have a hard time taking nearly any medication without reading up on it to exhaustion. Hmm.

Anyway, I opened the bottle and took 3 pills in the car. Again, not sure how (why??) I did that without even coming home and Googling “Solaray Yeast-Cleanse” first.

That night I couldn’t sleep. I was so cold. Would doze off… or did I? Couldn’t tell. Woke up feeling like total crap. Dizzy, headache, chills. I knew about the “die-off” effect with candida treatments and chalked that up to a possibility and tried to soldier through it. Went to work. Felt like a space-cadet and definitely felt like I was coming down with the flu. Started to wonder what kind of moron would take pills that would cause their body to have the flu.

Left work, came home and flopped on the couch. Slept off and on until evening with chills, nausea and a broken ego. Called Whole Foods and chatted with the kind and patient lady again. She said it is hard to discern. Being flu season I could just simply (and coincidentally) have the flu. But I could also have “die-off.” She said she felt like she was on the brink of the flu as well and after work would be going home to take care of herself. It was decided I would stop the yeast cleanse for a few days and see how I felt.

My mom, a phlebotomist (and the woman who gets to hear about my medical rantings) but not much of an “herb/holistic” person, and generally a pretty calm and quiet lady, told me I was basically a moron for taking “unregulated” herbs like that. No, she didn’t think I’d die from it (one of my many questions), but I should stop taking it. “Nobody regulates that stuff, you know? That’s why people in the medical profession warn against it. Is there anything on the Mayo Clinic’s site, or a reputable site about yeast and cleansing?”

Sigh. No. But tons of people blog about it. Forums… personal testimonials..? Nope. Not good enough for my mom.

I went to bed with the chills again and a temp of nearly 102. Today my temperature is down and I’m sweating. And I took off work. I haven’t taken any yeast-cleanse pills since that first day. And I still don’t know if I have the flu or “die-off.”

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  1. I bet its just a coincidence. I don’t think an herb can cause fevers.. but your mom is right, I dont’ trust herbs etc that are not regulated some way. Hope you feel better!!! :::hugs::::

  2. I bet you also watch all the medical shows on Discovery Channel, Discovery Health, etc. Ha ha, you and I are twins!! My sister and I will call each other up, sure that we have whatever disease was just on tv. Sorry to hear that you are feeling crappy – I bet it’s the flu. Reading your post reminds me of all the people that get flu shots and then say that they got sick the next day or so. Sorry people, it’s a dead virus that they inject into you, so that’s not happening!! Get better chica!!

  3. I google everything, too. I’m learning how to sew and have been a googling fiend. I thought “to baste” something was a culinary act, but nooooo, it is also a term in sewing. Who knew!?

    Oh and thanks for the soap. It’s so yummy! You rock!

  4. coincidental flu. I have done a yeast cleanse and it does NOT give you a fever of 102. But you still should be careful about what you take and definitely hold off until you are totally healthy. if you look at the active ingredients in the cleanse and google them, you might be able to figure out what the side effects are and aren’t. I know this was a couple weeks ago – have you tried the cleanse again??

  5. Caro, I haven’t taken any since that day. Scared to, really 🙂 If I did, I would probably scale back to one of them, but… I’m just still not sure if I want to do it again. I was miserable.

  6. Just came across your website, which I loove! after googling Solray Yeast Cleasne. This is actually the second time I’ve taken it, I just put in an order for something stronger to kill off candida but found my leftover bottle and figured I’d used them in the meantime. I didn’t have any negative side effects and just wondering what your diet was like. Usually candida products wont work unless you’re on an anti-candida diet, so that might have caused you to feel sick… something to think about.

  7. JB, you may very well be right. I’m too nervous to try again. I am not as symptomatic as I was at the time, but am too chicken to see if that would make a difference (the diet).

  8. You probably just had the start of the die-off. Mine was nasty. I got the flu for 2 months. Those candida don’t want to let go. try another brand and quit eating sugar, white flour and processed foods. Also google some anti-candida diets, as other have said. Good luck to you. This one is a nasty one to kill.

  9. I just took the same stuff yesterday and had the EXACT same side effects. It was miserable, I was burning up in bed with a fever and couldn’t sleep at all. I will not take this stuff again, I wish I had read this before I purchased it.

  10. Bill, I’m sorry to hear that. It was just too much for me to risk taking again. Possible a candida diet/change in eating behaviors is a more viable alternative. Hope you feel better soon!!

  11. hi there..I’m taking the same brand together with some probiotics so I can protect my stomach and I can tell you that from the 2nd day I could see some good results with my symptoms…My candida did reduced.I feel better. Also I’m talking some pills to protect my liver and watching my food diet for this nasty fungal. It did affect everything in my body, even my eyes. I’m starting to feel better, finnaly. I trust so much the herbs , more them the chemical medication and also more then the superficial doctors that they think we are hypochondriacs and we pay them only to tell us that we are ok.. Who knows better then you how your body feels?.. because of that is why I choose to treat myself with herbs; and IT WORKS! Good luck to everybody who fights with this nasty fungal bug!

    1. Hi, this is Angela. I know it’s been a long time ago, but I’m fighting the Candida virus. I just started taking Solaray Yeast Cleanse. I wanted to know, what did you take to protect your liver? Thanks, Angela

  12. The fever is all part of the die off …remember fungus is aggressive and you have to start slow are the die off will be so intense that you think your gonna die ….and then after you can handle a small dose you have to attack it aggresively but keep in mind you also need to boost your immune system by good vitamins and probiotics and eat foods that keep your body running at alkaline level…..soloray yeast cleanse is excellent in my opinion… God made herbs man made medicine and remember along with any medicine comes side effects and a dr bill if we can tolerate all the pollution that man created you think we cant tolerate herbs….something to think about and by the way I have had candida for about 6 years and did not know what it was cause the dr sure didnt. I just started my cleansing feb 7 and almost have no symptoms at all my hair is growing back and it stopped falling I feel 85% better I think that is good for suffering so long and my healing rate is remarkable…I started with flora 9 capryl acid and oil of oregano and gse I also took candex til gone and probiotics 85 billion 3 times a day and did flora essence 7 day detox now im on soloray yeast cleanse and very happy with the product been on strict grilled chicken and veggies and raw organic juicing check out dan mcdonald oh I almost forgot wheat grass too and lots of water clean water if you can afford ph water even better water is the ket to life and aloe juice heals internally drink some everyday through this process….god bless you all with him all things are possible dont give up!

  13. Jeannette, I knew that there could be some experiential “die off” when starting, but I couldn’t imagine it would be as uncomfortable as what I experienced. Maybe so. I am too afraid to ever try again.

    1. Groovy Mom,
      I think your problem was that you took too many capsules right off the bat. It’s a good idea to always start w a very small dose whenever you add a new supplement to your routine. (I even do it w any medication.) Be gentle. Let your body get used to it first. Gradually build to the rec’d dose. If you are thin/small you can even take less than the rec’d amount.
      Good luck.

  14. I took the yeast cleanser for 3 days and immediatly got really cold, the chills, nasau, and night sweats and total lack of appnetite. It is 4 weeks now and I am just recovering. DO NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT – it made me very, very ill.

    1. To DC that’s a die off and is normal, it is what is in your body so you want it out. Groovy mom try for info on yeast overgrowth. FYI, herbs are divided into 3 catagories in China, Food grade, medicinal, and poison. The poison ones are used by professional, knowlegeable herbologists who prescibe them for emergencies only. Medicinal, such as oregano oil, can be used if you know what you are doing, but to be safe, and not give herbs a bad name, try using food grade herbs only.

  15. Also, Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) can make some people feel bad, it does me. Even drinking root beer makes me feel bad. If it is deglycerized, it doesn’t have the same effects which can be erratic heart beat, cold sweats, nausea. haven’t heard of fever tho.

  16. I know this is an ancient thread but folks are still replying; excellent really. The more we share the more ammunition we have to deal with what sure is a nasty thing to have.

    My candida has been affecting mostly my eyes and nose area resulting in something akin to poison ivy but not really itchy like that.

    It seems to come like tiny blisters at the corners of the eyes then get inflamed for a day or two then start to dry out and flake off while at the same continuing anew. This has been since this last April after I’d been beaten down with some sort of infection while having a comprised immune system – I was prescribed an antibiotic and wasn’t really aware of just how badly it affected me.

    For years now any time I’ve taken them I get really sick in the stomach area(s) etc. and it’s gotten progressively worse. Now I know why and I’m paying for it in a big way.

    I’ve found a million links myself on the topic of candida and found many conflicting things and I’m so confused. Some sya one thing and some say something completely different. I’ve gotten several of the recommended things for this condition such as oil of oregano, biotin, capricylic acid, goldenseal and then Candex. Now my husband has brought home some Yeast-Cleanse and I don’t know if I should cut out the others and try the Yeast-Cleanse or what.

    I do know that at the very least I should be restricting sugar and the many forms it comes from and I’ve given that a half hearted try (I’m not normally a big sugar eater at all, I’m vegan too) but then when I check out the kitchen it seems that there’s nothing to eat so I’ve gone for say, several days not eating anything except dinner but it sure weakens me.

    I could go on and on but really I’m seeking others thoughts, ideas and experiences along these lines. I thank you GroovyMom for having started the topic and am glad you haven’t gotten really bad (from what I gathered).

    Wishing all peace, love, understanding and harmony.

    1. RubyShooz, I recovered just fine. I agree with what you are saying with the sugars. Even some simple changes can go a long way, I think, and cutting out sweets is definitely a good start. White sugar for sure.

  17. I can’t believe that nobody has brought this up yet in this thread. I have been taking Yeast Cleanse for a couple of days now and I realized it was weird that it contained Tea Trea Oil. I use tea tree oil topically but have never ingested it, until now. I googled around and almost every single site says that ingesting Tea Tree Oil is toxic and can wreak havoc on your liver. Some people have extreme reactions and side effects and others very minimal. This has got to be the cause of your reactions. I won’t be taking it anymore as I have no idea what it could be doing to my body. I agree that these herbs are not regulated at all and can be very dangerous. A friend’s girlfriend died from toxicity from non-fda approved herbs. Hope this helps this conversation.

  18. I hope this post is still going:) I’ve been suffering from yeast infections for the past year and a half. It might have something to do with dating the last jerk I did–all the stress lol. I have tried everything; boric acid, monistat 1-3-7 day, diflucan, garlic up my whoo-whoo, and apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil, and I eat yogurt religiously. I am back on the boric acid thanks to my latest ND. I was going to try this cleanse (after all the good reviews), but after this post, maybe I’ll consult with my ND again. Thanks ladies for all the information. It is VERY important that we talk and share our experiences (as women do!) because modern medicine seems to have failed us in this department. Thanks!!!!!

  19. Oh and if anyone has any other ideas for getting rid of this “scourge of womanhood” please share the wealth!!!

    1. There is amazing information in the book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing. I followed it and killed off the candida back in 2007. It’s a problem for me when I stress….I’m battling it again in 2012 due to stress and thyroid issues. That book is truly helpful. Gives you a diet to follow plus the essential vitamins/herbs that help to kill it. Currently, I’m using the Yeast Cleanse with the tea tree oil in it along with other olive leaf drops (plus following a no-sugar, no carb, healthy candida kill off diet that the book sets out and also lots of b-vitamins.) It’s starting to work. The thrush is dying off in my mouth, my ears aren’t itching (thankfully it’s not attacking my ‘lady parts’ at present back in 2007 it did and I used monostat to help with the itching while I got serious with the diet, herbs, vitamins, and supplements…I had it so bad back in 2007 that I had it on my butt cheeks and coming out on my stomach…it was awful)
      Most herb stores have that book that you can either buy or reference and get what you need. I’m being careful with the Yeast Cleanse and may just switch up to Nature’s sunshine capryllic acid…that worked amazingly well too.

      1. I use this with low carb because diflucan, garilc,acv, and everything else under the sun does not work for me. Yeast cleanse is the only product that works every time. FYI die off reactions are a bitch and u must go slow, hydrate and get plenty of rest.

  20. Hi there!! I do know that you’re supposed to take yeast cleanse at night before bed so that you don’t have to feel the affects —It’ll just happen when you’re sleeping!

  21. The die-off is a real thing, but it’s important to note that it can even happen when using an antifungal medication prescribed by a doctor. The key seems to be starting out at a very small dose. I will be trying it soon, but I will be opening the capsule and taking only about 1/4 of the capsule. I’m having yeast issues in my throat, and it’s extremely painful… And I make my living as a teacher and singer. But I won’t be starting it until after I perform music at my niece’s wedding this weekend! Here’s a link that explains the die off effect:

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