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I’ve procrastinated. Again. Not that it is really procrastination, but probably more that I’ve overloaded myself. I’m supposed to work on and have 5 yearbook pages turned in and I have hardly gotten a start on them. Tonight was the night to do it, too. I uploaded the pictures I had and logged into the online yearbook editor, knowing that shortly I’d have to leave the house and take the twins to soccer. But I figured I’d get started on things at home and then I’d be fine. I could upload the pictures and then when I got to where I needed to be (coffee ship with free Wi-Fi), I’d plug in and get 50% done before I met up with a friend later and finished it off.

Good plan, not so good results.

I took the boys to practice (which is 1 hour, so there’s not a whole lotta time to drive off, find coffee shop, work, drive back). ‘Left the twins in the coach’s capable hands and zoomed off to (the first) Starbucks (of two on the same road). The lot was full. Literally NO place to park. The “Free Wi-Fi” sign gleaming, teasing, taunting in the window. Who cares about coffee, right? I whipped out of the lot and went drove on.

Naturally, there’s another Starbucks within the mile stretch of the first, so I pull over to that one, let there be Wi-Fi, let there be Wi-Fi. I saw the T-mobile emblem and ran inside (yeah, so I don’t know what T-mobile whatevery-whatevers are). Ordered my coffee. Asked if I needed to do anything special to connect and they told me, We don’t have internet here. Just T-mobile and I don’t even know what that is.

So now I’m sitting at a Starbucks, sucking down a half-caf of coffee that I DID NOT EVEN NEED OR WANT only so I can sit and stare at a laptop that is of, literally, no use to me. I started a ToDo list because I didn’t want to sit here and look like a fooling moron as the other laptop people clikcity-type away, probably connected to some secret society of Wi-Fi users. Clickety click click goes their knowing fingers on their keys and I type into a Word doc, sucking down overpriced “designer” coffee, pretending I’m doing something important. Suck!!! I have to leave in 10 minutes anyway to pick up my kids. I guess that’s not the worst thing. It would be worse if I had nowhere to go.

I’m not a regular laptop-totin, Wi-Fi using coffee drinker, either. I think this is the first time I’ve brought my laptop with me to use in a public place. I’m just not that cool. See me in a year when I’m all old hat at this, right? But today I’m totally a poser. By “blogging” right now I at least feel some semblance of being online even when I’m not. Look at me!! I’m blogging at a coffee shop. Whoowee. This is what I get for coming to Starbucks instead of my little local coffee house where I KNOW there’s free internet and the coffee is good. But whatever. I’ll make it through.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Blogging

  1. T-Mobile– you can connect, but you pay $9.99 for 24 hours access from the time you log on.
    If you need to use it, just open a browser window.
    I think it is a rip off, but have used in a pinch.

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