Half Price Medieval Times Tickets

Last year (well, OK maybe two years ago), we took the two older kids to Chicago to see the Medieval Times. We had a blast, and I thought it would be fun, someday, to bring the younger three. Since we’re heading that way again for a tournament this year, we thought it would be as good a time as any. The ticket prices are rather steep, though, and when I added in our totals (3 kids, 2 adults), I almost lost my functions.

Forget it, we aren’t going, I thought.

But then I found a coupon code for 1 free kids admission with a paid adult. A savings of over $60 for us, since we have 3 kids coming with. Just enter this code: WEBKTF upon checkout and they will be added automatically. It is only good for Schaumburg, and only good through the end of April, 2008. It says it isn’t valid online, but it www.medievaltimes.com

3 thoughts on “Half Price Medieval Times Tickets

  1. I just paid $3.41 a gallon for gas.. any penny I can save now a days is worth it. I can’t use this code, but I’ve used several of the freebies and such that you’ve posted before and I appreciate you sharing your finds like this. Have a great time with the family!

  2. Ladies, you know it. If I can save a buck or two, I’m down with that. Kinda sucks that the MIT coupon is only for the Chicago one, but hopefully it is of use to someone. If anything, before you ever buy tickets, GOOGLE for coupons.

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