Hannah Montana Does Playboy

On Monday, news broke that Vanity Fair was planning on running “discreet” and “artistic” photos from a topless shoot with pre-teen and tween hero Miley Cyrus. The photos include a shot of Cyrus, barebacked, clutching a sheet to her bosom… [link]

Click the link up there to read the rest. Great article by Ben Shapiro.

As I was setting my alarm (the television) last night, I caught the news (no idea what channel), talking about Miley Cyrus and the questionable photos. I guess Disney felt that bad or racy press is better than no press? As if Hannah Montana simply doesn’t get enough press.

4 thoughts on “Hannah Montana Does Playboy

  1. A few months ago a girlfriend and I were searching for Hannah Montana tickets anywhere on the west coast that WEREN’T sold out. my daughter loves her, (yet honestly only because EVERYONE ELSE does…) Anyway, we came upon this website that showed a time line of Mylie Cyrus’s career. Did you know that at 14 she was already putting in TWICE the work hours of the average full time employed adult? At fifteen she was carrying the same work load, but topped with a constant 9 month tour (of 4-5 shows a week) plus all of the PR stuff she’s done.
    It was then that the reality became crystal clear. Her show was nothing more than her daddy pimping her out to boost his career.
    Which it did… but even when he thought he was successful enough to release a new album, he failed. Why? The world doesn’t love him, it’s her…
    I thought back to Jessica Simpson’s father. A pastor who supported modesty and wanted Jessica to be so famous that, when Christian industry wouldn’t allow her to make an album because her breasts were too large, he pushed her into the secular world.
    He promoted her virginity and clean imagine- but once that didn’t maintain a successful career he began pushing her to become much less modest.
    It’s just gross…

    and so, in my incredibly long comment I just wonder if Mr. Cyrus was at that photo shoot… Does the time come for him, or other celebrity hungry dads like him, where they look at their CHILD taking sensual/provocative photos and they just stop seeing them as their baby, and lust after them as just another sexy woman…

    It’s all so gross to me, and the VERY minimal amount of Hannah Montana that I allowed is about to become a much smaller amount.

  2. I wasn’t to shocked over the solo photos of her, but the photos of her and her father just didn’t look appropriate in my book. No teen daughter needs to be laying between her fathers legs looking like she did. Especially a father with a past like his… course maybe that’s where she gets it *shrug* sorry… he is not on the top of my list for being a star who earned his way to the top the way he was put up there by so many. He was an ex male stripper and was only on the top of the charts because of his past career.

  3. I found those pictures just crazy 😐

    That being said….

    I wanted to stop by and let you know about the contest that I’m having over on my blog! It’s in honor of Mother’s Day, and it will go very quickly! I’ve got to close it next Wednesday, but what sucks is that I just thought of it the other day!!! :-S

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  4. He promoted her virginity and clean imagine- but once that didn’t maintain a successful career he began pushing her to become much less modest.

    Yeah, Misty, that’s the lure of Hollywood. The desire and push to be better than most seems to destroy a lot of people, sadly.

    You know, Terri, I didn’t see the pictures of her with her dad. You paint an interesting picture.

    Allison, thanks for shopping by – have fun with your contest 🙂

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