Rice Shortage

Have you heard about the rising concern of a rice shortage?

There are no shortage of articles (The Daily Tribune, news.sbs.com.au, thedailygreen.com) about it.

Another point of view:

Because when hoarding occurs, when even, say, 10 percent of your customers suddenly buy 10 times the amount of a single product than they normally would buy, the product is quickly exhausted and the supply chain will have trouble immediately providing the product… So there is not a physical shortage of rice; there is a problem with the supply chain because hoarding has stressed the system. – cnbc.com

If you haven’t noticed, it isn’t just America dealing with the high cost of gas prices, costs of food, and living. It is really kind of scary. We’re feeling the pinch more than ever. Gas is high, wages aren’t keeping up, and now rice, a “filler” food is on the rise, too. What next, beans?

3 thoughts on “Rice Shortage

  1. Here in the UK we are on £5 per gallon of petrol. That is about 10 dollars I think. To fill our car up costs £58 and that hurts quite a bit. I haven’t had a pay rise for 5 years so money doesn’t go very far does it.

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