3 thoughts on “SPLENDA Coffee Sweeteners

  1. I bought and tried the mocha flavor and I have to say, it’s not very good. The under-taste of splenda is very strong and there is an after-taste that I have never gotten with just using plain splenda in coffee. I’ve tried to add 2 packs to a cup and I’ve tried adding one plain pack of splenda, but so far it’s not something I enjoy. (Mostly I drink my coffee black, but I do enjoy flavored creamers every so often, as a treat.)

  2. Von, I’m not much for flavored creamers either. Like mine black as well so I’m doubting it will be a hit with me. My husband likes a flavored coffee every now and then, but he’s not much for artificial sweeteners.

  3. I am not one for coffee but my partner is ,i am trying to get him to give up sugar and was hopeing that artificial sweeteners will help .I look forward to your free samples for him to try.

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