Buying Durable Towels

The other day as I was drying off after my shower (yeah, a visual you don’t need…), I held the towel by both hands, drying my back and heard a riiiiiiiip. The towel began to come apart right in my hands. I noticed our towels were beginning to fray at the ends, not all but some of them. As this happened, my mind began to ponder on towels.

Why were my towels ripping? I surely hadn’t had them that long. I have towels from JcPenney, Wal-mart and ShopkO. Maybe Kohls, too. I never put that much thought into towels. If they match the bathroom somewhat, they are good. On thing my thoughts came to rest on was the fact that my mom has towels that are at least 20 years old. Some maybe 30 years old. Standing the test of time. Are her towels that much better than mine? Or is it true that they simply “don’t make stuff like they used to”? I’m simply not sure. But I do wonder where people buy their towels from, and if anyone noticed their towels to be in as sad a state, as ours are?

4 thoughts on “Buying Durable Towels

  1. I just ended up washing every towel in the house recently and noticed how frayed they were. I am in the “they just don’t make them like they used to” frame of mind, since I still have the beach towels I bought for my kids from 15 years ago and they are fine! And the last good towels I bought were from Mervyns, those are the most frayed!

  2. Could your moms towels be hanging on because she dosen’t have kids at home pulling on them and such anymore? or like you said… they don’t make thinks like they used to. I bet your moms were all made in the USA with good quality cotton. I’m not sure any of mine are US made… shoots I don’t think I have a single tag left on any of them to even find out where they were made! LOL We go through towels like crazy, but because of limited storage I don’t have many to begin with.

  3. My most recently purchased towels are dust rags now. The towels and sheets I bought at Mervyn’s like 25 yrs ago are still in use. I really do believe that they don’t make things like they used to.

    I bought my sheets when I had a waterbed (you do the numbers) they would get washed and put back on the bed. I just got rid of those sheets last year just because the pattern was very 70s and they were ‘thin’ but they were still usable. Now, unless I spend a fortune on sheets for my kingsize bed, they’re toast after a year or two.

    Just my opinion on the subject. 😉

  4. Cheri, Terri, Yvonne – I think we’re on to something… they DON’T make ’em like they used to 😉

    I think part of it might be that we have a large family, but still, you’d think they’d last more than a YEAR (granted, the year-long towels were from Walmart).

    Yvonne, I have pillowcases and sheets from my childhood that have held up better than recently-purchased ones. However, I did get some higher thread count sheets from JCP and those are holding up very well. I’ve started buying the slightly higher count, now. It makes a difference.

    I wish they had slightly higher count towels, though. I need my towels to last a wee bit longer than a year, yanno?

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