Election Day Tomorrow

With Election Day only one day away, Frank and I were trying to make a prediction. But we can’t. Neither one of us cares to wager. We both know who we’re voting for, though. I was thinking of going early in the morning (polls open at 7am), but then I also thought it would be good to take the kids with, if at all possible. We’ll see. My polling place used to be within walking distance, not anymore. They moved it to a different location that doesn’t have much for parking and you don’t really want to be caught there late at night.

As always, it is a relief to put the voting behind and move on, partly because of how saturated the media has become. Though I love all the skits on SNL, I detest the ads that are in constant rotation.

Just today I was at Target looking at the clothes and saw a cute sweatshirt with the word “HOPE” standing out in the design. Though it was not a political message at all, it will be quite some time before I see the words HOPE, CHANGE, YOU BETCHA, JOE or PLUMBER without rolling my eyes and gagging.

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