New Towels

Not long ago I mentioned my problematic bathroom towels. Naturally, I went searching for new towels shortly after – my family was in desperate need.

Because I hadn’t given much thought to towels in the first place, I didn’t want to over-think my purchase of towels. I had unsuccessfully looked at Walmart and decided against their offerings. The next stop was Kohls, in hopes the towels were on sale. And they were. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on towels, but I wasn’t against shopping above the rail. I wanted colors that complimented my bathroom. I wanted a soft, “thirsty” towel, like the advertisements were always boasting. I looked, touched, compared. Narrowed down my choices. Checked price tags and labels and finally settled on two different kinds. One of them was Casa Cristina (I liked the brown towels).

After putting the towels through the wash, (I did not use softener on the them, as the softener seems to make the towels less absorbent), I was ready to test out my purchase.

They were soft, alright. As a blanket, they would be perfect to curl up on the couch with. But they were not as absorbent as I would have liked. After numerous washes, they still feel like there is something synthetic about them, some sort of coating that makes them feel like polyester pajamas on a warm day, sliding over my skin, leaving a film of moisture behind. Not a big surprise, though. The most absorbent towels, I find, aren’t always the softest ones. They’re the ones that are washed and then dried out in under the hot the sun, dehydrated like beef jerky; those towels are some “thirsty” towels.

So, my search for towels continues.

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