After Christmas Shopping

Yesterday I dropped my older son off at wrestling practice, and then I hit the after-Christmas sales. Target was my first stop. I was dismayed when I walked in the door and saw a 30% off sign, worried that the days of 50% off Christmas merchandise were over. But Target persevered and, back in the corner, there was plenty of goodies to choose from. I hit the paper, the ornaments, plates, lights… I picked up a good amount of decorations already (at Goodwill) for a more-than-reasonable price, so I wasn’t so much shopping for those. But I do like to find paper plates and cups on clearance, and the wrapping paper. I get some for next year Christmas and some as neutral as possible, for wrapping gifts during the year. Last year when we made the switch to cloth napkins I found the best deal ever on cloth napkins.

After Target I hit Shopk-o. And I have to say, they be a wee bit greedy on their “sale” prices. They boast of 70% off, but when you see what the starting price was, you’re hardly getting a deal. I picked up a cute snowman potholder (figuring I could use it all winter) and it rung up at $4.29.

That’s the SALE price?!

The cashier nodded, and then said under her breath, Yeah. That’s the “sale” price. I picked up a couple things too and once I rung them up, I put them back.

Girl, I can see why. Oh well.

I hit Wal-mart, too, and they still had some candies and fragrance sets left. I picked up a candy dish (have been looking for one for a while) in the shape of an egg.

There were a lot of shoppers out, but nothing like two days before Christmas, which I’d call the New Black Friday, ’cause it was cur-ay-zee.

Do you hit the sales (or avoid them) after Christmas? Is there anything that you specifically look for when you go? Any tips on finding the good stuff?

3 thoughts on “After Christmas Shopping

  1. We ventured out on the 26th — Target and the Mall (went for Macy’s). It wasn’t that bad actually. I was expecting it to be more crowded! We did go to Libby Lu’s for my 4yo daughter since they were liquidating, and they only had these uber-expensive makeup sets at 50% off (regularly $80!). No way was I going to spend even $40!

  2. Terri, I totally understand. I don’t make it a yearly event, and I don’t get up at 5am for the early-bird specials, either.

    Carrie, we just got a Macy’s here and I still need to check it out!! $40 is too rich for my blood, too.

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