Christmas Music

Beautiful weather isn’t always 85 and sunny. Today it was 8 degrees and snowy… and it was beautiful.

Driving down the Interstate at 35 miles per hour, careful not to go off the road. Walking into the mall with icy cold flakes hitting my face. Strolling across the parking lot to buy a ream of paper at Staples, climbing over a small snow mound left by the plows. Back across the parking lot to drop the package in my van, and then to the grocery store for odds and ends. I took my time packing the groceries in the van, flakes of snow falling so quickly, they covered the last remaining bag in the cart.

On my entire drive (from store to store and then home) I listened to my new Christmas CD’s (Elf: Music From The Major Motion Picture and Merry from Lena Horne) – both fabulous albums. The Elf album is a lot of fun with a variety of styles and songs, and Lena Horne’s voice is silky smooth with the BEST rendition of The Little Drummer Boy.

The music was perfect. The dusty snow and cold air made flakes that danced and glittered on the road in front of me. Driving home I was looking at the road glittering in front of me and admitted to myself that my slow crawling pace had more to do with thoroughly enjoying the ride and less to do with the road conditions.

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