Do Not Pay Outside Help

Every year, as soon as possible after Thanksgiving Day, we go to the same place to pick out our Christmas tree. This year it took us a little longer to get out there to get one. But not longer than a week later. Generally we don’t put a whole lot of time into the process.

The mom and pop greenery isn’t far from home. We always have a little giggle at the signs they have tacked up around the lot.

“Pay inside only!! Do not pay outside help.”

Must have been a lucrative season at one point for the outside help, huh?

They small barn-like shack where you pay is almost as cold as it is outside, smelling like fresh cut pine and motor oil. dThe tree prices are reasonable, they take checks and they hand out a Tootsie Roll to anybody that comes in. It is a small gesture, but it makes for a nice memory in a family tradition.

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