Humpy Dumpty Had A Fall

After dropping my daughter off for a doctor’s appointment, I decided to take a quick walk around the neighborhood. Despite the cold, I had been sitting most of the day and couldn’t stand the thought of parking myself in the waiting room for a half hour or more.

I have a difficult time walking without a direction or “plan” so I mapped out a nice square in my head that would bring me back to where I needed to be.

It was actually an enjoyable walk. An experienced cold-weather walker, I know that the first few minutes are a little chilly, but once my body warms up, it isn’t so bad. My gait was tentative at first, growing more and more confident as I covered more ground. As I walked past the Catholic church, I gazed up at the building, admiring the bell towers, paying less attention to my walk and more to my surroundings.

That’s when I went down. Not a bannana-slip – feet out from under, onto the rump. But a “whoa, is this happening?!?”  slippery slide, rolling the incident in my head as it happens. I felt silk beneath my feet and a calmness that generally escapes me in any moment where I think I may fall, the potential to break something imminent. My feet slid about, and it registered that I was on my way to the ground. I put a hand out and descended about as gracefully as a chubby momma my age can go do.

My brain quickly registered that I was not broken, but my glasses (which are quite pricey, you know) were hanging precariously from my face. I placed them back on my nose with my mittened hand, surveyed the large rink-like patch of ice I was seated on, and brought myself to my feet. Dust off the pants… brush the gloves, and I was off again. Knocked the cocky right off of me. How dare I walk down a snow-caked sidewalk and take my eyes off the path in front of me? Silly lady.

3 thoughts on “Humpy Dumpty Had A Fall

  1. Not having experienced walking on ice or snow since i left Denver in 1981 for California and now live in Mexico…I can still remember what is like to feel oneself slipping and falling, and there is nothing you can do but go with the fall.
    You described it perfectly! Felices Fiestas

  2. Oh man… I hate falling. So sorry you took the big slider. We’re in line for the same storm you were. They are saying 8-10 inches, but the totals keep going up with each weather report.

  3. Susan, thanks. Mexico sounds delicious right now 🙂 Feliz Navidad!!

    Terri – we ended up getting dumped on. I really was thinking it wouldn’t, but overnight it came through. How’d it go for you?

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