Snow Day Number Two

Well, we did end up getting dumped on by snow. And we did end up having yet another Snow Day. I don’t know why I thought it might pass over us, or we wouldn’t get the expected amount (well, I DO know why – because sometimes those durn forecasts are wrong, you know). At 11pm, just before I went to bed, I checked out the window to see if snow was falling by the bucketful. Not so.

At 6am I looked outside and it was a foot deep on the roof of our van. Snapped on the television and waited for the school closing list to scroll to our city. Closed. I went to the bathroom, told my husband, and went back to bed.

Kind neighbors we have came down with their plow and got the sidewalk. The plows that go by carry snow from the street and push it right onto the opening of the driveway, so there was still shoveling to be done. Frank went out there with my brother and some other neighbors and dug it out.

Looks like we’ll be getting another 3-5 inches tomorrow as well. White Christmas indeed!!

One thought on “Snow Day Number Two

  1. We’ve got about 16 or better inches in the past 2 days and a foot on the way tonight and tomorrow! Hubby got the snow blower running in the nick of time.

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