Winter Picnic

The weather is turning temperamental. Sunday it was 40 and warm, today it was 5 and cold. The snow has diminished significantly, leaving behind what looks like a dirty grey snow-cone emptied over the city. All that beautiful snow, melted. We need more snow.

Yesterday we took a trip to a county park and had a Winter Picnic with some friends (who were kind enough to share their special “spot” they had discovered a few years ago). You park, then hike over a couple small hills to come to a clearing where there is a large fire pit, complete with logs for seating and tables for picnicking and paths cut for cross-country skiing. But the best part? – A small cabin, in which, if I were younger, I’d surely break into a Laura Ingalls make-believe festival. The cabin has wood stacked, lined and ready one side, and a small-bellied stove for a fire, with space on top to boil water – or beans, or coffee… windows on each side, and two large picnic tables.

We spent the first half of our time at the outside tables, roasting wieners and brats on sticks over the open fire and snacking on cheese, fruits and dips watching the kids sled. Later it began to rain (oh how I wish that it would have been snow) and we retired to the cabin, my friend and I, as the kids and the men stayed outside for a bit. In the cabin we had one small lamp and the fire. It was comfortably dim, inviting. Cool air, but warm with the scent of a burning fire. The kids came in and out, grabbing cookies or warming in front of the fire where steam would rise off their wet coats. We sang some songs, told some spooky stories.

The rain continued and the temperature dropped, so we thought it wise to start traveling home before the roads got too slick. I was toasty in my snowpants and jacket, and was reluctant to leave. It was a wonderful way to round off the weekend. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as did the adults. I forgot my camera, or I’d show pictures. My girlfriend took some, though, and I hope some turned out OK and I can share.

Winter in Wisconsin can be rather tiring unless you find some things to do (ski, sled, etc.). As long as you keep warm, you can enjoy a lot of summer’s activities in the midst of Winter, though – like a picnic.

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