Winter Snow

Christmas is right around the corner. I am ready for the holiday, I just haven’t started shopping. Figure that one out. I haven’t been able to mentally (or monetarily) wrap my brain or checkbook around it – neither is quite capable of it right now.

So I instead turn my attention to the white blanket of snow covering the ground, which is always a welcome addition (in my opinion) at this time of year.

A Christmas without snow feels out of sorts to me. I’ve always lived in a part of the country where there are seasons, and in Winter, there is snow (sometimes LOTS of it – see Buffalo NY Blizzard of ’77). Yes, snow is par for the course.

Bundling up with snowpants, mittens, boots, hats, and scarves – building snowmen, sledding down the tiny hill in our front yard, making snow forts… but hating having to put a jacket on to go to school – the kids have a love/hate relationship with Winter. As do I, to some degree. Putting 30 gallons of gas into our van while the wind whips at your legs and face like a schoolyard bully is no fun. Having to get into a vehicle that feels like a deep freezer when you’ve hardly finished your morning coffee? Again, no fun. But, as they say around these parts – the snow makes the cold worthwhile.

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