Winter Storm Warning

Expected weather coming in 24 hours:

A WINTER STORM WARNING is in effect from 6 PM Thursday to Noon on Friday.
A major winter storm will move over southern Wisconsin and much of the upper Midwest during this time frame. Heavy snows are likely over much of southern Wisconsin, and there may even be thundersnow! And to top it all off, winds will become strong and producing blowing and drifting of the snow. This system will pull away quickly on Friday, but not before leaving 8-12 inches of accumulation across most of southern Wisconsin, with the heaviest amounts over the Madison area. Stay tuned for updates on this dangerous Winter Storm –

I’ll start taking bets for yet another snow day on Friday? Oh how sweet it would be. (Question mark?) That day is also our oldest son’s birthday and a day that our middle son is scheduled to go on a ski trip with the ski club.

Frank’s trying to decide whether he should get a snow-blower or not. He’s wanted one since last year. I still think the five shovels and our troop of boys works just as good. And, it’s cheaper for sure. Considering we’d have to put the snow-blower on financing and would be one more debt, I’m not too excited about it.

If you’re in the mood for some music for the Holidays, here’s something that should easily fit into the budget – one free MP3 download per day at!! Good stuff.

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