Your Bratty Kid Isn’t Cute

When did being a brat become a desired attribute in children?

I was with some friends who were having a small get-together and one of the children, a young girl, was a little prima donna. “Get me this, I don’t like that, I want this…” Calling the hostess (who was not her mother) by her first name as if it were a follower on the playground, demanding things be done HER way.

In her defense, the brat’s mother did freely acknowledge her little kidd-o was indeed a bit bratty. She made her say “thank you” after getting what she wanted. As the mother watched her daughter walk away, she rolled her eyes and said that it is so annoying to her (the little brat’s attitude), but the little girl’s daddy thinks it is cute. What to do? Sigh. I think she expected me to say something like, “What? No!! – She rocks – totally cute!!” or “No man will ever do HER wrong!!!” or something to stroke her misguided ego, affirming the strange notion that her kid’s attitude would someday make them all filthy rich. YeahNO.

Cute? Really? Really. Well, here’s a clue – it isn’t cute. It’s atrocious, disgusting and sinful. Now,  I know there are outright hellion children and freaky never-ending energy-filled boys (I’ll raise my hand on this one), but I’m telling you, nothing, in my opinion, ranks higher on Annoyance Radar (as far as kids go) than little adult-like Paris Hiltonesque miniatures ordering their parents (and any other adult they can force to succumb to their will) around as if they are cattle. Oh yeah. Wait. There IS something almost as annoying as the bratty little demons – their parents. Yes. The parents feeding into the little game make me nearly bust a vein.

You know what? When you’re a guest at someone’s house and your kid samples the food, scrunches up his or her little face and says, “Ew, no. I do not like that.” It is neither adorable nor endearing. It is insulting and ill-mannered. When you are in the middle of a conversation and your child comes up, interrupts with a hand on the hip demanding you to get up and get/do/help, don’t put your palms to the sky like “silly ol’ kid” and shrug. And for the love of all that is good on this earth, if you are letting your little girl either dress like or play with these demonic abominations? Ask yourself if anything by the name of BRATZ is going to contribute to your child’s brain development and not damage the little brain cell common sense pool.

3 thoughts on “Your Bratty Kid Isn’t Cute

  1. Ooh ooh, can I add one? How about parents who bring their small children to coffee shops and then ignore them for hours (as they irritate the other customers), or occasionally yell at them for interrupting their self absorbed conversations. HELLO, 4-year-olds should not be expected to stay still for hours at a time, and, when they aren’t whining at you, it is in no way ok to ignore them while they bother other people. Gah, drives me nuts.

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