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In doing some websurfing, I came across Homemaker’s Cottage and a blog post about procrastination, which inspired me to post a bit on my organizational plans. I say “plans” instead of “practices” because I need to improve on what I have.

Every year I buy a calendar/organizer to carry with me in my purse. But not every year do I utilize it to its full potential mostly out of laziness/procrastination. The past couple years I purchased a Tiempo Mio organizer from Borders.

It is one that has monthly and weekly calendars. I use the monthly one more than I use the weekly one. My aim is to take advantage of the note-taking space available to me by using the weekly section for lists, notes and goals. The only thing I don’t like about the Tiempo Mio organizers is that they don’t come with a pocket folder. So I’ve had to make my own.

I took some heavier stock and pasted it to the back of one of the 2008 pages. Then I took a piece of scrap-booking paper and with a few sheets of 2008 pages held together with the stock (cut to size), put the scrap-booking paper on top (cut to size), glued it to the top page and stuck it all together with some packaging tape. I cut a piece of of the stock to about half-size, taped it on the front and voila. A pocket. It isn’t pretty, but it is functional. I get a LOT of use out of my taped-and-glued pocket.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Organized

  1. Using a notebook helps SO much with staying organized!! Isn’t it great to need something and actually be able to find it??!! :o) ~Kristy @ Homemaker’s Cottage

  2. Yup – no matter where you write our HOW you do it, the important thing is to just DO it. (I’m saying this mostly to myself, as I am the one who needs motivating at the moment…)


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