Chorizo For Lunch

I had a package of Johnsonville Chorizo that needed to be used up, and a menu that was void at lunchtime. After having omelettes for breakfast, I wasn’t quite feeling chorizo and eggs. I had just bought a loaf of Brownberry Buttermilk (white) bread. We don’t usually buy white bread, like ever; I figured it would make a tasty bun for chorizo, though…

When I’m at Whole Foods, I like to pick up their frozen pepper strips. They are very versatile.

Chorizo in the pan (I some Schlitz instead of water to cook the sausages).

Franny requested macaroni and cheese for lunch. I don’t usually eat “instant” mac and cheese, but every now and then it is nice on the side.

It was a very tasty lunch. Simple, too.

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