Taking The Day Off

It has been a rough week for me, emotionally. I took off yesterday for family concerns and found I need to take off today, too, simply to recouperate. I don’t really like to take a day off to pay bills, catch up, or simply relax, but maybe that’s what “vacation” days have come to.

At any rate, I ended up checking my work email anyway, and now I’m going to go to the bookstore. Normally I don’t purchase brand new books (my how things have changed – I used to want ALL my books to be new), but I have a gift card from Christmas that’s been burning a hole in my pocketbook. A nice, long stay at the bookstore is a bit of a vacation to me.

A while back I talked about homecationing / staycations, and now I’m wondering – what do YOU do with your day off? If you take one, unplanned, with no destination, what do you do for a “mental or spiritual health” day?

Things I enjoy that are uplifting for me are:

books/book stores (often Goodwill and Salvation Army), and the library
going to a movie
baking (a houseful of bakery aroma = bliss)
cleaning (I feel more content in a less-cluttered home)

4 thoughts on “Taking The Day Off

  1. i love to go to the thrift store and buy something stupid cheap that is useful. once i bought my husband a 1975 farrah fawcett mug and surprised him by serving his morning coffee in it! the mug was .35 but his expression was priceless!

    i also like to go out for some cheap eats with unlimited drink refills and a good book! often i can use 2 for 1 coupons and bring the uneaten entree home for an unexpected treat for someone else, or even my lunch the next day!

  2. Lee – love the Farrah Fawcett mug idea. That is fun. I like doing things like that, too. Cheap eats are fantastic. We were out for (not so cheap) eats the other day and I ordered a calzone that was HUGE. I put 1/2 away for later and it got eaten by the kids after school. Perfect!!

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