Daylight Savigns Time

I live in Wisconsin, USA we practice daylight savings time (read up on it if you haven’t – pretty interesting). I wish we did not, honestly. It throws me completely out of whack.

Spring ahead, Fall back.

In Spring, you set your clocks ahead an hour and in Fall you turn them back an hour.

Fall, I can handle more than Spring – I mean, how can you not handle to gain an entire hour?! Besides, in Fall, you’re kind of cozing in for the season. The earlier onset of evening encourages my body and brain to start “tucking in” and doing cozy things like knitting, reading, cooking, relaxing.

Spring, however, throws my whole system out of whack, making me feel out of my element. Tired. No wonder people have Seasonal Affective Disorder (although, like I said, my adjustment really comes in with the Spring time change).

I’ve gone over a month without coffee (I switch between coffee and tea), but this morning – hadto have it. My internal clock is set to get to bed around 11:30pm-12:00am and I’m finding myself not able to sleep until 1am. Not good. And when I do wake up – it’s dark out. Gar!!

4 thoughts on “Daylight Savigns Time

  1. i hate it too! my son was complaining about it and said he wished you gained an hour every six months. i had to laugh as i explained how the entire time cycle would be off! can you imagine how messed up that would be!

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