The Twins are Ten Years Old

Happy Birthday Little Freaks!!!

10 years old today when I went into pre-mature labor, waking up to bleeding. I wish I could put a sentimental chain of photos from birth and their struggle in the NICU to toddler-hood and their 10-year-old selves. But I don’t have time. I’d get around to it sometime in the summer, maybe. But I remember. I remember eating the Dove Chocolates outside of the hospital, praying to bring them home someday. Praying that the systemic infection Sal contracted a few days into his life would be knocked off by the anti-biotics. Cringing every vein from head to toe kept blowing on his tiny body. I remember coming one day and his head was shaved on the side to allow for a needle to be placed. Finally a central line was put in. It worked. He came home the same day as Franny.

They looked different, a bit more sickly. I worried they’d never recover. Frank and I prayed and cried. And did it some more. I had taken for granted that I had three “normal” deliveries and was able to scoop my babies up and bring them home right away. I never thought that it would have been different this time. But it was.

And now they are ten. Sal has outgrown Franny by 40 pounds. They look strikingly different. In the same class since 1st grade, and very good buddies (while being very different people).

Mom and dad took us out for dinner last night, and then the boys got to open their gifts.

Lightsabers, money and a video game.

Franny enjoys money. And saves it. Poor Sal spends it much quicker.

I made cake in a hurry yesterday, since our dinner was impromptu. Jack’s Chocolate Mayonaise Cake, which has become a staple in our home. (I’ll have to re-post that recipe… it got buried in my archives)

One candle for each decade.

Happy Birthday, boys!! I love you.

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