Broken Leg – Week 3

It is the third week of The Broken Leg.

Franny is doing… OK. He had a 2-week check-up and things went fine. Though not a huge amount of healing had taken place, as expected, his bones were still aligned and had not shifted, which is good. The fibula, the smaller of the two shin bones, was still very visibly broken, but the nurse said she saw “bridging” which was good. They did not set the fibula. The tibia, the larger bone, has all the rods in it and I could not see where it had broken with my unskilled eye.

Besides checking alignment, he was also scheduled to have his stitches removed. I couldn’t tell you how many he had, but they went from the outside of his left heel to the inside ankle bone – about 75% of the circumference of his foot. The others were on his shin where the bones had broken. I, personally, do not think the lady was as gentle or meticulous as she should have been, and it was painful for Franny. I regret not speaking up a bit more than I did. She put the steri-strips on his ankle while it was out of the splint, and once the foot was placed back into the splint, the strips had large gaps in them and they weren’t doing any good. Thankfully she had sent us home with more strips, which I put on at home, and they have stayed on since that time.

I have been working at about 50% time, unable to get into the office very much. Mom was going to stop by tomorrow so I could go in for a couple hours. But mainly I’ve been playing full-time nurse to Franny – which I’m not complaining about at all. There are times when I’m up, down, up, down, up and I feel like collapsing, but I still feel for the most part blessed to be able to take care of him and to see him making progress.

Since being home, I’ve been able to actually clean the toilet and bathroom floor almost every day. Seems silly, but I’m really glad about that. I like having a clean bathroom.

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