Cleaning Iron Skillet With Salt

I love using my Iron Skillets. I have a slew of them, including multiple skillets, a pot, griddles… When seasoned right, they are just as good as the pricey non-stick skillets (better, I would argue). The one I used in the pictures below was the first pan I purchased when Frank and I moved into our apartment; it is about 19 years old, seasoned the old-fashioned way. It is by far my favorite pan.

You are not supposed to wash your iron skillets with soap, though, just hot water and towel or stove-heat dry. So for those times where you want to make something messy (like my extra cheesy scrambled eggs), and forget to wash the pan until the next day, you need a little more than water and a scrub. You know what you use?


Yes, salt. Simple table salt seems to work best, although I’ve used my kosher and rock salt, too.

(Click any for larger view)

The offending skillet.

Salt. Look ma – no chemicals!!!

I generally use about a tablespoon or less.

Less than a minute of elbow grease…

A little rinse with some hot water.

Good as new!!

6 thoughts on “Cleaning Iron Skillet With Salt

  1. Hey Andrea!! Great tip about the paper towel. Overlooking the obvious on that one, lol but I’ma pop that into my brain’s back pocket. 🙂

    1. I zee this N old post, i hope u still answer.
      How do u get rid of the black crust that accumulates??
      Duplicated cuz i didnt chech notification box

  2. Norma, same way. Try using the salt and see what happens. Sometimes I boil some water in the pan first, then scrub it out with paper towel (I like that better) or a scouring pad. I wonder if the black crust you’re talking about is patina… they are supposed to get that.

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