Eggland’s Best Eggs – Review

This is a review from a few years ago from when I was using a different blogging platform. Since we are still eating Eggland’s Best Eggs (it has been 3 years now), I figured it was worth re-posting and making available. Occasionally I will buy organic eggs, if a grocer doesn’t carry EB eggs. But for the most part, we still buy these and the post is relevent.

Eggland’s Best Eggs

Eggland's Best Eggs I was sick of finding chicken feces on and inside the cartons of eggs at the supermarket. I have long eyed up the organic eggs at the store, but the price made me balk. Why bother trying what I could not afford on a regular basis? Well, after seeing an indie movie on chicken farms, and then seeing a commercial about EB eggs, I decided to give EB eggs a try. Oh the power of television, eh?

I believe the price for a dozen eggs is about $2.49. My regular feces-specked eggs were about $1.07 per 18. So, yeah, it is a price jump. But I felt like splurging. Got the eggs home, fried them up. I can tell you that just in the feel of these eggs they are different. The shells are sturdier. And they look adorable, lined up in the carton with the “EB” stamp on them.

Taste? Yes, there is most definitely a taste difference. They have a cleaner, creamier, fresher flavor. They are, most definitely, a better egg.

EB’s website speaks on the nutritional values of their eggs. Interesting. Also you can find information about they eggs and why they think they are better.

Bottom Line: These eggs are most definitely better than what I am accustomed to. However, we are a budget-conscious family of seven and we eat a lot of eggs (we like them and they are cheap). I do think it is worth the price jump for us, though, and I will continue to buy them.


Link: Eggland’s Best Eggs

6 thoughts on “Eggland’s Best Eggs – Review

  1. We love these eggs too. I don’t know if you use a warehouse club but we use BJ’s and they carry them for $2.89 or something like that for 18 eggs! Also, if you go to the Eggland’s website and leave a positive comment, someone will contact you and get your address to send you a coupon for free eggs!

  2. I used egglands best for 2 years now i have been pleased with them. Lately I have seen the organic egglands best which I got last time I got eggs. Please what is the difference I thought the original ones were also organic. Please let me know the difference between cage free, free range and organic. Thank you I will continue to buy egglands best.

  3. The Eggland commercial that shows a small child holding a fork and eating eggs should be revised and show the child holding the fork the right way and not like a shovel

  4. c’mon,you all cannot be serious. The difference between an organic egg and a regular egg is one is in a cage and one isn’t. Your telling me that makes the eggs taste better. Please,just another way to rip people people who are dumb enough to believe that and for rich people to go around saying “ooh,I eat organic eggs.” Wow

  5. To the person who thinks the difference in organic eggs is caged and cage free needs to check out what really determines the different in organic eggs before she runs her mouth and calls people dumb.

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