Uno The Guinea Pig Has Her Babies

Well, so much for wondering if Uno the guinea pig is pregnant…

Every time I walked by her house, I thought I might see some new additions to the family, but was really hoping we’d get to see her actually have the babies. What a joy – we did!! This evening, as I walked by I saw her squat in a way that was different from any other time she would squat. I quickly ran to tell the boys and we all gathered around (quietly, yeah, yeah – don’t worry) to watch.

First one
first guinea pig being born

Second one
second guinea pig being born

guinea pigs being born

The first one was born rather quick, maybe two minutes after she started pushing. The second one came within five minutes. More time passed, and we wondered if that could possibly be it. But it really (really, really) looked like she had one more in there.

guinea pigs birth

She cleaned them up between each birth. They were pretty active within minutes, little legs scratching behind ears, looking around.

guinea pigs birth

guinea pigs birth

But… one more?
guinea pigs birth

Sal said he saw a leg come out a couple times and I started to grow concerned that something was wrong.

And then out came number three.
third guinea pig being born

I was excited that he was brown. Franny called him “chocolate filling” – he insists on the honor of naming, since, technically, it is his piggy who is the mother.

guinea pigs birth

guinea pigs birth

guinea pigs birth

guinea pigs birth

The piggies gathered around to nurse on the momma, and she chowed down on some lettuce. Franny wanted to hold one of the baby piggies, but I think we’ll wait until tomorrow. I’ve read that it is good to start picking them up the next day to get them acclimated to being handled. I think we’re also going to need to get a little bigger crate for them.

7 thoughts on “Uno The Guinea Pig Has Her Babies

  1. Aww, they’re cute. But do you sorta want to pack up the babies and give them to the mom whose kids brought the the parents? (In Happy Meal boxes, I’m still trying to understand that.) Or maybe I’m just evil like that 😉 Hehe, chocolate filling!

  2. oh! my god… they are sooooooo cute…… 🙂 btw, franny has given a very nice name to the brown one.. … I loved the pics….. I can’t tell you how I am brimming with happiness seeing those pics…

  3. I am just amazed that they have hair and look like little guinea pigs. Hamsters have little hairless alien babies.

    Too cute!

  4. Aimee – LOL. Yeah, in a totally evil way YES I am getting you, girl. It still amazes me how all of this went down. Buuuuuuut… thankfully it is a very small litter and it looks like I have a home already for them (thank goodness). And Franny totally loves them.

    Connie, they are totally cute!! They come out looking pretty much ready to take on the world, it is interesting.

    Jaanvi, it was quite an experience. I’m very glad we were able to be there when it happened.

  5. They are soooooo cute! My daughter wants her piggies to have babies so bad! When we bought them the pet store said they were both boys, but one of them gets “jiggy wit it” with the other one.. I can’t tell them apart.. So… maybe!!?

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