Free Ice Cream

Wordless Wednesday

But wait… words?

OK. So it isn’t really free. But it IS cheap(er) than taking the whole family out for ice cream, which we do like to do.

Ice cream at home doesn’t have to be a pitiful experience. I’m sure many of you already indulge in dipping into a chilly carton of sweet goodness on more times than you care to mention. I’m with you, and I’m not a huge Ice Cream Person.

Just keep in mind a couple cubes of your favorite flavored ice cream from the grocery store (even at $5 each) and a box of cones (about $1) each, is cheaper than taking the whole family to the ice cream shop. Granted, our family doesn’t make huge cones at home (probably the equivalent of a “kiddy cone”), but our family of seven can get at least three desserts out of less than $15, where if we go to the custard store, we’re ALWAYS guaranteed to spend at the very least $20.

Not saying that it isn’t fun to have dessert out, and is just part of summer, but it’s a little bit friendlier on the wallet when we have dessert in. If you haven’t tried, it – do it. Kids always love cones. Normally, I bypass the cones and we eat our ice cream in dishes. But, in efforts to save a bit here and there, I’ve started getting the cones. It helps to have them handy when I get the urge to pack everyone up and get ice cream. Mine haven’t complained about not visiting the ice cream shop – we’ve got our own at home.

7 thoughts on “Free Ice Cream

  1. We have already started the “free ice cream” at this house.. Wee Man loves it because he gets ice cream a tad more than normal and we love it because we save money.. I’m not an ice cream freak like DH so he loves it because he gets to have ice cream at his beck and call.. men

  2. Haha. That’s what I’m sayin’, Brooke. I’m not a huge ice cream freak, either, but get cravings for it every now and then. The downside of having the “free ice cream” is that it is easier to attain than a drive to the shop, so I have to be careful. 🙂

  3. @ Tara – I have to try homemade. We made it once when we were kids, but never as a mom myself.

    @Janelle – I heard that!!! Dairy, dairy, dairy.

    @ Robin… yuck, LOL. I don’t like to think about those things. It is amazing I eat out as much as I do when I’m such a fickle person.

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