Crest White Strips Give Me A Headache?

I’ve been using Crest White Strips for about a week now. I should restate that. I’ve successfully completed approximately 7 days (2x per day) of the Crest White Strip regimen. They were not all back-to-back, however. I notice that I’ve had a headache on most every day that I’ve used them. Correlation? Maybe. I believe it is because of a very sensitive tooth that I have on the left side of my mouth. Possibly.

I do notice a difference in my teeth. Not dramatic, but definitely a bit brighter.

I have no trouble getting the strips on my teeth, as some reviews I’ve read. I did have one strip that left the gel behind and was rendered useless. Also, when I have the strips in my mouth, I spit. I don’t swallow my saliva for a half hour. Maybe it is weird, but I really don’t want that gunk in my tummy, just as I don’t want toothpaste or mouthwash in there either. I don’t need a whitened tummy.

62 thoughts on “Crest White Strips Give Me A Headache?

  1. Not only the worst headache of my life but also gave me a sinus infection which leads to the strongest ear ache i have ever had!
    I’ve been under antibiotics and pain relievers for over a week!

    I honestly cannot believe…

  2. i’m surprised, i tried white strips a week ago but still have a headache from it. honestly, it’s actually teeth sensitivity which can cause a headache since it’s pretty strong. as suggested, putting it less than the time directed so it helps or stop its usage.

  3. I used whitening strips today … got em from Groupon … after 15 mins my peripheral vision went all wavy and things were blurred… felt like I’d looked straight at the sun….. like a migraine aura—- had to cancel goin out tonight and have a low level headache.. poisonous shit , never again

  4. Hello my name is Yolanda I have been suffering massive headache since using my generic whiting product I don’t want to give anyone a bad name this morning I just could not take it anymore this past Sunday I almost did not want to go to Church it was so intense thanks you all for comments so strange to me trying to avoid going to Dentist but this is why I will be going to the Dentist

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