Crest White Strips Give Me A Headache?

I’ve been using Crest White Strips for about a week now. I should restate that. I’ve successfully completed approximately 7 days (2x per day) of the Crest White Strip regimen. They were not all back-to-back, however. I notice that I’ve had a headache on most every day that I’ve used them. Correlation? Maybe. I believe it is because of a very sensitive tooth that I have on the left side of my mouth. Possibly.

I do notice a difference in my teeth. Not dramatic, but definitely a bit brighter.

I have no trouble getting the strips on my teeth, as some reviews I’ve read. I did have one strip that left the gel behind and was rendered useless. Also, when I have the strips in my mouth, I spit. I don’t swallow my saliva for a half hour. Maybe it is weird, but I really don’t want that gunk in my tummy, just as I don’t want toothpaste or mouthwash in there either. I don’t need a whitened tummy.

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  1. Not only the worst headache of my life but also gave me a sinus infection which leads to the strongest ear ache i have ever had!
    I’ve been under antibiotics and pain relievers for over a week!

    I honestly cannot believe…

  2. i’m surprised, i tried white strips a week ago but still have a headache from it. honestly, it’s actually teeth sensitivity which can cause a headache since it’s pretty strong. as suggested, putting it less than the time directed so it helps or stop its usage.

  3. I used whitening strips today … got em from Groupon … after 15 mins my peripheral vision went all wavy and things were blurred… felt like I’d looked straight at the sun….. like a migraine aura—- had to cancel goin out tonight and have a low level headache.. poisonous shit , never again

  4. Hello my name is Yolanda I have been suffering massive headache since using my generic whiting product I don’t want to give anyone a bad name this morning I just could not take it anymore this past Sunday I almost did not want to go to Church it was so intense thanks you all for comments so strange to me trying to avoid going to Dentist but this is why I will be going to the Dentist

  5. After wearing the strips for less than 10 minutes I began to get a strange pain in my chest. No headache and barely any teeth sensitivity, but the chest pain got pretty bad. I went ahead and finished my 30 minutes. Hours have gone by and my chest still hurts. The pain only subsided once I rubbed a mixture of honey and grapseed oil on my chest (the oil also had garlic cloves seeping in it for a while). I tried eating a small piece of the garlic but that made me extremely nauseous (do not try eating it). After just one use of these I will not be using them again. I’m sure crest is aware of this but obviously doesn’t care. We need to spread awareness. Google the man that got a hole in his throat from using these strips.

  6. I, too, have experienced debilitating headaches after using Crest whitestrips. I finally made the connection. A few months ago the pain was so severe that I doubled over and had to be still for about 15-20 minutes on the floor, head down, for most of the intense pain to subside. A pounding headache was part of it but it also included a feeling of uncontrolled uneasiness and discomfort; it’s hard to describe. I even googled a brain aneurysm because it scared me so much.

  7. Omg this makes me feel so much better! I get an instant headache and nausea. I think it’s from swallowing the stuff- so now I spit but still get the headache and feel kind sick. Ugh I really want whiter teeth- what should we do!?

    1. Lauren, please discontinue use no matter how much you want white teeth. Try researching if getting a dentist to whiten them for you is a better option, but don’t use these strips!

      1. oh wow this is years later but I have had a migraine a week later !!! and it’s pounding all day long ! and I’m worried what if it never go away ! and I used generic brand from the dollar store. I didn’t spit it out cause it said safe and non toxic . ugh ! did yours ever go away. you probably won’t see this though.

  8. Is ver rare that I get a headache but after using the strips I been having terrible headaches there so bad that I can’t do anything the soonest I move it gets more painful I’m glad I find this page and know that I’m not the only one I was getting scared because it reminds me of headaches I had from a tumor before

  9. Glad I found this site. I used whitening strips this morning (boots). I had strange vision in my eyes, like a heatwave with jagged edges. This lasted about 30 mins. Since then I have a pounding headache, like I banged my head. I took ibuprofen but it hasn’t worked. I was worried I might have Covid 19. I have sensitive teeth.

  10. I successfully used Crest whitestrips years ago and wanted to brighten uo my smile. I have been feeling slightly nauseous and definitely headachy since using them. I think I have done 4 days, single application. I didn’t have any of these weird side effects before.

  11. I’ve used the white strips in the past but they didn’t bother me. However, a few days ago I started using the new Crest Emulsions that you slather on your dry teeth and go. Its like the same stuff on the strips but a new formula that doesn’t require the strip itself. NOTE: I have sensitive teeth so I always used the gentle strips with the pink logo on the box.

    I’ve used the emulsions for 2 days. Day 1 I used it twice and today all 4 times as suggested. Let me tell you that my headache has been SO bad. No nausea. Just massive headache with eye sensitivity. It’s on the cusp of migraine. I can’t believe they haven’t recognized this side effect. It appears that their formula causes this issue no matter the product. That can’t be good!!

  12. I used Timeless White strips and my headaches are the worst ever. I am not prone to headache at all except for this episode. This product should really should be taken out of the market. Where is the FDA on this?

  13. I really think the only solution is a class action law suit. Seems like all of these tooth whitening products cause headaches and a multitude of other nasty side effects. Litigation is the only thing companies understand since our government does not get involved in consumer protection.

  14. Tried Crest Whitening strips. Within 10 minutes pressure behind my eyes and then headache started. I did the full 30 minutes but that left me with an odd fuzzy headache for a few hours. Tried them again thinking there couldn’t be a connection. Sure enough same experience!! There has to be a neuro toxin in this product!! I’ve googled and no clinical info. I have found different forums that tell of headaches but no explanation!
    Be wary of this product!

  15. I have a fierce headache boarding on migraine after using whitening strips for 30 min. Comforting to see I’m not alone in having this reaction to them. I might just wait for stained teeth to become in fashion vs doing this again.

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