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First off, hello stranger. February 10th, first Groovy Mom post of the year. Facebook has been my friend, as well as some time away from the ‘puter.

Jumping in with two feet on the ground, I’m interested to find out if anyone has Google Buzz in their Gmail yet? I was reading this blog post regarding the Google service, but have not yet found anyone who is able to utilize it. With Facebook’s new (and constant) changes, I’d like to see something rival it. Though I wonder how many people will actually have the desire/energy to switch over. Personally, one thing I like about Facebook over Myspace is that it is relatively simple (functionally and aesthetically). But their continuous forced changes are a bit hard to stomach.

UPDATE: Once I signed out and signed back in I was able to access (activate?) Google Buzz. It didn’t get me very far, and is very bare bones right now. There’s got to be more to it?

7 thoughts on “Google Buzz

  1. I love facebook too! I am a long long time reader.We’ve exchanged some emails here and there.I am on facebook..if you want to befriend me I am Shannon Kerr Drew in Louisville,Ky


  2. I’ve mostly jumped ship from Facebook, I spend about 10 minutes a week there, maybe less. It’s just… too busy, and now I’m not there much, the whole thing looks so different all the time, I can’t find anything! I got the Buzz thing today, but I’m not sure I get it?

  3. Aimee, I hear ya. I don’t know if I’m getting old or what, but simple for me is better and the constant FB changes just hurt my brain. OK, so you actually have this Buzz thing (so I know it’s not a Google myth:p). Does it just show up in gmail? I tried Wave when it came out a while back and it was too overwhelming. I’m hoping Buzz is different/simplified.

  4. Happy to see you doing a post – I missed you! I’m too old and unsavvy to do facebook, twitter and stuff so have to be patient and wait for entries on here!

  5. I’m with Deb, so don’t give up the posts!

    We need a Wii fit update…how’s that working? It’d be nice to know that it actually works BEFORE spending all that $$.

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