Book Review: Half Broke Horses

Half Broke HorsesRarely does a sequel (prequel) equal or surpass the original. A couple of weeks ago, I  read Half Broke Horses (after reading The Glass Castle a few years ago). I was interested in reading ‘Horses since GC had so easily became one of my favorite memoir books. I enjoyed the author’s voice, the way she could still find ways to make me smile while while reading about her challenging circumstances. I was excited to dig into HBH, hoping it would be even half as good as GC.  I can honestly, and happily, say Half Broke Horses lived up to The Glass Castle; I ate it up just as easily.

After reading both books, it still seems to make sense to read Glass Castle first, even though Half Broke Horses is about the author’s grandmother (who is not even a main character in Glass Castle). To connect and understand Jeanette first, by reading GC, gives the reader a special appreciation when reading about her maternal grandmother in HBH.

Bottom line: If you enjoyed The Glass Castle, you’ll like Half Broke Horses.


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