Goodwill Score

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time meal-planning and shopping. I scoured the ads, made my menu, checked for already-stocked items, and then realized that it had taken up half my day.

I set out in the care, still undecided about where I was going to shop. I couldn’t decide on our local large foodmart (Woodmans), Copps (more spendy but weekly deals and double coupons on Wednesdays) or Aldis. I knew I was going to Walgreens for a couple items (Ragu 2/$3 with Walgreens coupon, and I had a $1 off coupon – 2 jars for $2 – hoot; AND Colgate toothpaste $2/5, with my 2 $1 off coupons = $3). Copps was right next to Walgreens, so gas-wise it seemed like a smart bet. But I hadn’t checked out the weekly ad; it was a gamble.

As I pushed my cart down the isle, I realized I was putting more sale items in the basket, and less of my list items. Still good value on cereal, and a couple of my list items, but not enough to make me happy. I cursed myself for going there without checking the ad, and not being able to pick up everything on my list without completely blowing my budget.

It ribs me to no end to have to buy items at a price that I know I can get a better deal on elsewhere. I say this as a simple sentence on a blog post, but seriously. It really ribs me. Like almost brings tears to my eyes. Yesterday as I stood in an empty isle going through my plastic baggie of coupons, for 1/3 of a second I allowed my face to screw up like a 2-year-old, and let a small sound come from deep within me to release an ounce of the ton of remorse I carried. Normal? No. But I am what I am.

Needless to say I could have picked up everything at Woodmans, but instead I had to make a pit stop at our Walmart Superstore (which claims the lowest prices, but I think they are really referencing some other store, not their own), where the food prices don’t seem that good to me, and they are NEVER on sale. Superstore? Yes. Super packed with imported crap. Some of it is at a good price, but nothing ever seems to be on sale.

Yesterday was misery. Today was the reward. Spending the money I saved with my blood, sweat, and tears.

Today I spent an hour scouring our local Goodwill. Kids still in school, husband occupied, bladder emptied, tummy satisfied. I don’t know if I made eye contact with anything but shelves and racks for a solid 45-minutes. There could have been a gang of bystanders gawking and pointing at me and I would not have known. I filled my cart with:

  • tennis racket $2.99 (looking for)
  • food tray $2.99 (looking for)
  • candlestick holder .99 (splurge)
  • 2 pillowcases .69/each (always on the lookout for)
  • 2 shirts for me $3.99/each (always check for these)
  • 4 t-shirts for the kids $1.99 and $1.49, depending on if they are adult or kid size (always looking for)
  • 1 book – Crossing to Safety

I also check for dishes, mugs and books.

I love my Goodwill adventures, and I love to find things on a bargain. I try not to be counter productive, buying items I don’t need, though. If you like visuals, check below.

Racket, candle holder and tray

T-shirts for Franny (Volcom & Breckenridge)

Local cheese fest shirt for Sal

Hulk shirt for Lootie

Pillowcases and book

Two shirts for momma

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