Grasping Euchre

Despite my not feeling well, I made it to a neighbor’s house for a couple hours for a little post-Thanksgiving cheer. I had been hoping to be feeling better, but this cold is kicking my booty. I brought along a batch of the Girlfriend’s Graham Cookies with me, fresh from the oven. Two days prior I had mistakenly made the batter, thinking I was making Magic Bars (same ingredients, different method). No way was I going to chuck the batter! I just covered it and stuck it in the fridge. Glad I did, because it came in handy.

Frank and I, and the twins, went over. We had a jolly nice time. The hostess is one of the ladies from bookclub. There was one other bookclub person there (a few more were invited, but hadn’t come). I sipped water, and had a wine-7up, and a small glass of bubbly for a birthday toast. We had finger foods, and I met some people I did not know, caught up with one I hadn’t seen in years.

And I played a bit of Euchre.

The weekend of our bookclub retreat I played Euchre. I’ve been trying to learn for years (unfortunately it is rare, and strangely happens only when I’ve had a couple drinks and there’s not much learning in me). I’ve learned Spades and Poker, but can’t seem to grasp Euchre. This time, I played with a “helper” who didn’t know much, but knew more than I did.

The majority of my hands were horrid, I didn’t feel well, and we ended up losing. But, I’m watching and learning.

I went home a bit early, Frank stayed a little later.

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