Coldwashing Laundry

Day 8 of Nabloplomonoinon-whatever it is.

I’m enjoying the challenge (and reminder) to blog daily. But it is a chore, only because of my scatterbrained lifestyle.

Today I accomplished a lot, while seemingly accomplishing nothing. I don’t know how that works out, but I just know it makes sense to me. Although I did do load after load of laundry. I used my Tide Coldwater detergent. Have you used that? I wasn’t sure if it was all hype, or worth the extra money (less loads in same size bottle), but I felt compelled to give it a try. A girlfriend of mine uses it pretty much exclusively. I noticed that after going to her house a few times and only seeing 1 bottle of detergent: Tide Coldwater. I didn’t say anything to her about it. In fact, I felt like a weird-o snooping around her laundry room. Instead of asking, I just noted it in my head. And then told myself that I was trying it.

I read up on it one day, spending way too much time googling, and far less doing. Story of my life. Finally, though, I threw a load in. It seems to work just fine. I have no complaints and don’t notice a difference between my warm-water washing, and my washing with the TCW in cool/cold or cold/cold. I don’t wash the towels or underwear in it, though. Something about coldwashing those items doesn’t seem… right to me. I didn’t use it for my whites, either, because those I do wash in hotter water.

I really shouldn’t have such a wacky system for doing laundry, mirroring the same indecisiveness as other areas in my life. But I take my laundry seriously and have particular ways of doing it. I can get into that another time, though. Today I got to talking about the TCW – or is it CWT? Who knows. Or cares. If you’ve been to a store, you probably know what I’m talking about, and since I’m tired, we’ll just leave things as they are.

So today I washed some darks in some TCW and hung them out to dry. Beautiful, 60-degree Wisconsin weather in November. I couldn’t ask for much more, save for a bit more wind to dry my stuff faster. But I won’t complain. I did loads of blankets. Having the windows closed for a while now makes everything feel stuffy. I wish I could take all fabric items from my house, put them in a humongous washing contraption and hang them all out to dry, carpets included.

Line-hanging brings the freshness of outdoors in; I really do love it. My TCW-washed clothes and blankets smell and look fresh and clean. Bottom line, though, I don’t think I’ll be making TCW one of my staples. The jury is still out, since I haven’t really given coldwashing much of a try prior to picking up the TCW. Stay tuned.

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