Well, I did end up going along on the trip, making it through OK. Feeling a little bit better, but still tired. I had a really nice time. We didn’t have the entire bookclub group with us, which was unfortunate, but it actually worked out alright that way. There were six of us. We fit around the table, we fit in one vehicle, and the cross-talk at the table was pretty minimal. Mostly what we did was talk, too. We sang some karaoke, played a little cards. But talking was the main attraction.

It didn’t cost too much, either. One lunch out, gas money to both the drivers, pitched in on dinner and breakfast (pizzas and appetizers for dinner, eggs for breakfast). It was all perfect. Well. I shouldn’t say that. It wasn’t entirely perfect. But we’ve agreed that what happened at the overnight stays there.

Oh, and they liked the Pumpkin Dump Cake.

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