Working My Day Off Wednesdays

Wednesdays are my official day off… for now. My hours were cut last year, leaving me with an open day in the middle of the week. At first I was nearly Chicken Little, fearing a falling sky and wondering what I would do with my shortened work week, and my lower pay. I guess I was a little reluctant to change. But, as the change settled in, I realized that the extra time allowed me a day to house-manage again. This is something that went a bit by the wayside during the past few years. We lived day by day. My going back to working outside the home played into that, unfortunately, and I felt things slipping.

Flash forward to 11 months later, and I’ve owned my Wednesdays. They have been a day to recoup, reorganize and manage our busy household.

And a day to clean the bathroom. Here I go again on one of my derailments, but can I just say that I absolutely LOVE a clean bathroom. Pissless floors, sparkly clean toilet, fresh air that is untinged by the smell of pee from little boys and their inability to aim (although a threatening of bathroom duty has much improved that). I just HATE to clean the bathroom. If I could suit up for HazMat, I seriously (seriously) would. The whole thing gives me the shivers. But, problem is, I trust no on but myself to clean it the way I want.

Anyway, more often than not I find myself now doing the deed on Wednesdays. I put in my contacts (because my glasses slip off my face when I look down or bend over, and there’s no way I’m fetching them if they fall during this sort of job), grab my yellow gloves and go to town. I also have to time my cleaning with my shower. I wear my pajamas all the way up until I clean, do work, then peel everything off and hop in the shower.

Today was a deep clean, meaning one of those hands-and-knees floor clean.  A bucket filled with some Charlie’s Soap, a splash of bleach and some essential oils. My rags (old towels, cut to washcloth-sized squares). Contemplating goggles and a mask, but don’t get that far. I scrubbed down the toilet, got a new bucket and washed the floor. It was horrific, but the end result feels so nice. If I could have someone to train and unleash them to clean daily, I’d be golden.

If I had to take a survey right now to tell you what I started talking about, I’d surely fail. Immediately.

Wednesdays. That’s right. Wednesday is the day off where I work harder than most other days. If I’ve got other work-at-home stuff (bath bombs for my cousin’s store), I do that. But I also will often make up my shopping list, like today, compiling my recipes and menu (really have been doing that for days), then I rewrote my shopping list in script that I could read, rather than the scribble from days of copying pages of recipes from the library book. Long, tiring day.

Clean, make chili, throw in crockpot, go to appointment, drop off car, take Sal to goalie training, stop at grocery store, stop at Costco, run back to grocery store, come home, unload groceries, get dinner on the table, whip up a batch of homemade laundry soap (more on that in another post). And now, time to sleep. Maybe. I might take a bit more time to throw in another load of laundry before I hit the hay. Or check out more recipes. Who knows.

As it is right now, my work is thinking of offering me back my regular hours again. It’s a bit tough, to be honest, after having a year to expand my ventures into other areas. My “work” of homemaking is probably worth more than a day’s pay, to be honest. We’ll see. But today I’m feeling quite satisfied at the oodles of items on my “To Do” list that are now Ta-Done. Tada!

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