Book Review – A Reliable Wife

The joy of picking out a new book never escapes me. Unless I have a book club read lined up. But, if I haven’t read it I’m usually excited for the change of scenery in book choice (like this time).

Just finished:

A Reliable Wife

There is a reason why I had to have a glass of wine in my hand every time I picked up this book. Or at least an oppressive cloud of boredom hanging over my head. This read like a Harlequin novel “dressed up” as historical fiction. Violent, sexually-repressed man places order for a “reliable wife” – shady lady with a plan answers ad. The plot thickens (or gets incredibly soap opera-ish from there). If it weren’t for my obsessive-compulsive need to finish books when I start them, (and the ability to trade paperbacks online) I would have used it for kindling in the firepit. It seemed to have decent reviews, so maybe it’s just me. I really don’t know. Don’t care.  Done. Next!

Now starting:

The Lords of Discipline

This is a book club pick.

You can see all of the books I’ve read so far this year on my 2011 Books I’ve Read list.

3 thoughts on “Book Review – A Reliable Wife

  1. I absolutely love the feeling of choosing/starting a new book. I also hate not finishing one I’ve started even if its a struggle. The only one I can think of I had to abandon was Catch 22. My son was disgusted with me as he rated it as one fo the best books he’d ever read – go figure!

  2. I’m another one of those folks who can’t throw away a crappy book; I always slog through. 🙂 And I love Pat Conroy – South of Broad is just haunting, and I loved The Great Santini and Prince of Tides (the book was sooooooo much better than the movie). I’ve got to add Lords of Discipline to my Nook.

  3. My last (intentional) abandonment was Snow Falling on Cedars. I still don’t know why that one. But it is what it is. It stays on my mind that I wasn’t able to do it. :p

    I’m only about 20 pages in to the book. I need some more reading time!

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