Lean Cuisine Complaint

I am SO tired of opening up my Lean Cuisines and finding this on the inside of the boxes:

This is the THIRD time I’ve contacted Lean Cuisine regarding. This has happened twice before. I take my lunches to work. At lunch time, I’m hungry. In to the breakroom I travel to unpack my Lena Cuisine Lasagna lunch and there is food outside of the container, on the sides and all over the inside of the box. Today it was a nice mess of frozen cheese and sauce that fell on the floor and junked up my hands. My eyes about rolled out of my head, as this wasn’t the first time, and it couldn’t have happened on a worse day. The last two times, they sent me coupons to replace my meal, which I am thankful for. Right now, though, as I am headachy, starving and consuming a possibly tainted meal, the idea of having it replaced by yet another free and possibly tainted mess of a meal doesn’t really do it for me, to be honest. The last two times I ditched the food, today I’m starving and willing to take the risk. I’m also about done purchasing from such a sloppy manufacturer.

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