Maple Greek Yogurt and Oats

I’ve been on an eat-what-I-want bender for a few weeks now (OK maybe longer) and it needs to stop. I love to cook, I love to bake, I love to try new things and share them with my family. But, some of us need to watch our eating a little more than others. Being supportive of Lootie, who is working on slimming down, reminds me to be supportive of myself (fancy that) and my own needs, and nowhere do I need to eat with unbridled abandon.

It has also been incredibly hot here. Topping off in the 100s, our air conditioning has been going non-stop almost all month. When the air is on, it makes little sense to start kicking on a hot stove for hours, or simmering soups and heating up the kitchen. Many of our meals have been crockpot , stovetop, or toaster oven.

I go in phases with a lot of foods, but a constant is eggs. They make their way into my breakfast 7 times out of 10. Another favorite is yogurt. I think I got a taste for it from my mother. She put it in her cereals and seemed to be eating that (and toast) constantly in the mornings. The verdict is still out whether buying yogurt straight up or making it myself is the best way to go, but considering I’ve purchased 2 non-homogenized, organic whole milk bottles and ended up letting the boys drink it (not being able to make my loving yogurt out of them), sometimes you just have to break down and buy it, I’m figuring.

So I did. This has been my go-to breakfast (and sometimes dinner) over the past week. I like the¬†consistency– thick, chewy, oaty. It’s almost like an ice cream, but not, and just a touch of sweet. It is perfection to me.

Let’s break it down, shall we? Basically it is a serving of oats and a serving of yogurt with the addition of some maple syrup and cinnamon. Easy as pie, but way less calories. Har.

Maple Greek Yogurt & Oats

4 ounces plain whole milk Greek yogurt
40 grams (1 1/2 cup serving) old-fashioned oats
11 grams (about 1 tsp.) maple syrup
sprinkle of cinnamon (I use a grinder and go about 25 grinds)

Mash together and enjoy.

I’m on my 3rd tub of yogurt this week, addicted once again.

2 thoughts on “Maple Greek Yogurt and Oats

  1. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but do you cook the oats first? And if so, do you mix everything together when it’s hot?

  2. I don’t cook them at all. I put it all in a bowl, mix and eat. I like the kind of chewy texture. If you don’t, you could probably make before bed, mix it up and let it soak overnight and then it would be ready to take to work or to eat in the morning.

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