Butter In Your Coffee? Yes, I did!

Hello stranger! Maybe I’m the stranger. I don’t get to post here often, even though I like to. I guess I should make it a priority if it is something I enjoy, eh? I take all these pictures, and they sit. And wait. For the day that I remember to post them.

Have you heard of Bulletproof Coffee?

It will probably strike most people as kind of (very) weird. But I’m eating a lower carb/higher fat diet, and it fits in with that. It would fit in with any way of eating as a treat, but with this one (and maybe paleo), it is an OK normal.


Basically you take your cup of coffee, plop 14g of some good, grass-fed, unsalted butter in it.

There’s more.

Then you add coconut oil to it (I used 8g).

Then you whip it, or emulsify it. I used a stick blender.

It turns into a frothy substance that tastes delightful.

If using butter ooks you out, try cream. That is mighty tasty, too. Real cream, not half and half. I’ve taken my stick blender to my mug of coffee and cream, and it turns into something a tad more delightful. Kicks it up a notch. It’s like a coffee house drink without the coffee house prices.

I normally take a mug of tea or coffee to work, but I got up a half hour earlier and had my mug-o-goodness at home. I don’t know if I’ll be missing that at work, now, but it’s just one day. In addition to watching my food intake, I’ve been noting my water as well. I don’t always do well with water intake. So today I’ll have a little extra emphasis on water.

I’m already missing my warm mug at work and I’m not even there yet. Not a good sign.

I also had this for breakfast:

Yeah, it’s empty. It was Trader Joe’s Jalapeño Cilantro Hummus with celery sticks. I just wasn’t feeling a complicated breakfast today. I could eat that hummus with a spoon, it’s that good.

Before Carlito left, he showed me his most recent creation in Arts Medals class. They’re taking a field trip today.

He’s made a necklace and a ring so far, too. He seems to like the class. Dante took it, too, but I don’t remember getting anything home from him. Strange. He’s more of a perfectionist, and would just leave his things at school. Kids don’t know how much moms like to get that stuff, even if it isn’t perfect.

Soaking My Feet

Every time I use my foot bath (which I’ve had for about 10 years, I ask myself why I don’t do it more often.



It is a simple act that feels incredibly indulgent. I don’t pay much attention to my feet, unless it is to paint my toenails, which I don’t do very often either, it seems.

Beyond enjoying the warm water, bubbles and massage, the delicious aromas of essential oils wafting around the room – I enjoy the fact that I’m saving a good $40 on a pedicure. I know many people would look at it otherwise, willing to spend the money and have someone else do it, which I do – about once a year. Every other time, I’m satisfied with my home experience, knowing I’m saving money on something I can do nearly as good.

And I don’t have to shave my legs before I do it at home.

(Not really) sorry to say, but my razor gets way less action in the winter months. This used to concern me more when I was about 20. I’m staring 40 in the eyes and it bothers me very little to admit that. Less than it did when I was 30. So the fact that I get to sit on my couch, update my blog, wear my sweats over my non-shaven legs… works for me.


December Daily – Day 3


Yesterday after work I went to my long-awaited appointment with my sleep study doctor.

See, a few weeks back I participated in a sleep study– wait. I shouldn’t say that. It makes it sound like I’m doing some sort of experimental study for the University. No, it was just simply an appointment to see why I have such trouble sleeping. They attached a slew of sticky disks with wires to my head, chest and legs, slapped a pulse ox on my finger, and told me to sleep. I had taken a pill to help me to sleep prior to my appointment (otherwise I’d have been up for hours, no “sleeping” for the study). I was out in sleepy land pretty quick. Until the nurse lady had to come in constantly to tell me I’d disconnected my pulse ox again, or a wire came out somewhere. Not helpful. Also, the mattress was hospital-like, with a cover made from some sort of water repelling material that makes your body sweat. And it smelled like urine.

Save all that – great night’s sleep!

I left and within a day they called to tell me that I’d benefit from a CPAP machine, and did I want to speak with a doctor, or did I want to just pick one up?


Speak with doctor, please.

A month later, here I am, in another waiting room. Instead of the urine stench, I was put in a patient room where the smell of cigarette smoke was so overpowering I felt as if it had seeped into my bloodstream and returned to the air through my pours. After the nurse checked me in, I couldn’t take it anymore and I threw myself in the hallway, requesting a new room. I get it; people smoke. I don’t get that it would leave a smell so lingering in that room. I was sitting there baffled. Where on earth was the overflowing ashtray hidden? The chair even reeked from the prior occupant.

A new room attained, I answered more questions and learned that I had some “episodes of apnea” during my REM stages of sleep. Besides weight loss, the only thing they really offered was a CPAP. Something that isn’t covered completely by insurance, and something I’d have to pay for. There is also weight loss, which can help (and which I’m working on — my brother-in-law needs a CPAP and he’s not a fatty, so that’s discouraging). At any rate, it wasn’t the most interesting appointment. I left feeling as if I had gone to the Geico of Sleep Study clinics, and have been offered but one solution: CPAP.

Maybe I’m stubborn and distrustful. OK. I’ll give that. But I’m not too thrilled about wearing that thing on my face, looking like I’m ready to pilot the next shuttle to the deep space. My goodness, I have enough trouble forcing myself to wear my biteguard for the horrific teeth-grinding issues I have, let alone strapping on a face mask with a nose hose. Claustrophobia? You betcha!

Last night, though, Frank encouraged me to give it a try, even if it was going to cost us some money. If it helped, it would be completely worth it.

I’ll think about it.

Crunchy Betty Honey Face Challenge

I don’t know why I’m doing this. But I am.

Crunchy Betty's Honey Challenge

I started on Tuesday… no, Monday. Started on Monday? I don’t know. I think I started yesterday. At any rate, I’m in. Just for the fun of it, why not? Generally I wash my face with plain old water. Some days I wash with honey, some I use an olive oil/salt scrub to exfoliate. But usually, just water.

I’ve used honey in my conditioner, on my hair as well. Honey is a fun thing. I like it on my face better than I like it in my tea.

One thing I would add to the directions of the honey challenge is to use a little water. If you just rub honey on your face you’re going to be pulling and stretching your delicate skin, daring it to start sagging on you prematurely (or more than it already is). So, put about 1-2tsp. of honey on your hand, turn the water on and add splash to your hands, THEN rub your hands together; massage onto face. Rinse. Pat dry. The water thins the honey making it slip. Better on the face, in my opinion. If this weren’t a honey-only challenge, you might want to get all fancy and thin your honey with some milk.

Milk and honey. Mmm. Doesn’t that sound good? Or even some cream? Divine.



Homemade Deodorant Trial

There is a ton of information on the web regarding trying homemade deodorant. Here is my experience with it.

Why try homemade deodorant?

Because I’ve struggled for years to find the “right” deodorant. Because I’ve tried “natural” ones and they never made the cut. Because I don’t like the idea of slathering chemicals on my skin constantly. Because I am a product slut. Recovering, that is.

Armpit Profile

Commonly used: Dove, Secret, Arm & Hammer, Sure. Tried Tom’s; gave me itchy rash. Tried it again; same thing.

Sweaty, but not overly sweaty.

Concerned with odor, but it hasn’t cramped my lifestyle.

Shave? Occasionally. Winters, rarely. My pits are sensitive and I’m not a priss about having clean-shaven pits.

Homemade Deodorant Recipe Used

This is the recipe I started with. It is a common-found recipe on the internet. Search long and hard and you’ll find all kinds of variations and recommendations.

5 Tbsp. coconut oil
1/4 c. cornstarch (alternative – arrowroot powder)
1/4 c. baking soda
Optional: Essential oils. I couldn’t quite tell you the percentages because it was not precise.

The CCO (coconut oil) has a low melting point, so if you make this in summer, you might not have to even put it in the microwave. I made it after the temperature in my house was above the melting point, so I needed to put in in the microwave, briefly.

Homemade Deodorant

I stored mine in a small lotion container after frantically searching for something, anything to keep it in.

Homemade Deodorant


Read more

Wii Fit Plus With Balance Board

Today I bought a Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board. I am completely new to the whole Wii Fit craze. The balance board is taking some time to adjust to. The boys helped me set it up, and then proceeded to try and move in on my game time. Momma says NO. Rarely do I get a new toy, and I wanted to be the one to break that badboy in.

It’s easy to set up and pretty easy to use. Or… it appears to be. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with mine, but it does have one challenge: it runs backwards. So like, when I’m doing the soccer thing, if I want to go at a ball that is on my right, I lean left. Is that normal? ‘Cause it’s making my brain work too hard. I couldn’t even do the table-top thingy with the ball. I felt like I was going to melt my own brain trying to make my body do the opposite of what my brain was instinctively wanting it to do.

But, that’s only day 1. So far I learned that:

  • my Wii Fit age is 45 (I thought it would be 65)
  • and I’m obese (nothing new). It was kind of cute when the little stick figure suddenly packed on some girth, as the BMI radar hit the roof. The boys were defensive, telling me that I was not obese. How sweet.
  • that I do not “outweigh” the board (it wasn’t until I got it home that it dawned on me that the board might not like people over 150 pounds – but guess what fellow fatties?! – the Wii Fit balance board weight limit goes all the way up to 330 (I guess that’s as high as it officially counts)

I’m actually looking forward to Day 2 and being a penguin again, eating more fish. That was probably my favorite so far.

Overeating Related to Fatigue

I’ve read in numerous places that not getting enough sleep can lead to overeating and obesity. Though I understood the thought behind that theory, I couldn’t pull up a tangible firsthand experience of fatigue-eating.

Until today.

And now that it happened, there behind me lay a memory trail of same-day experiences from years past.

I got to bed late last night, for starters. Two hours before my alarm went off, I woke twice because Franny’s splint had come clean off of his leg. The body and brain has an amazing way of waking itself up as best it can, but me trying to wrap and replace while ripping imaginary cobwebs from my brain was not optimum circumstances for mommy-nurse.

The alarm jolted me from my cozy slumber, but I got up to make sure the kids were up, dressed and fed, then I plopped on the couch, dozing on and off. My hope was to get them off to school, Franny situated, and take a light hour nap. But as I asked Franny for the umpteenth time, Do you need ANYTHING? Food? Bathroom? Anything? – he finally agreed that yes, he was ready for breakfast, bathroom and basically keeping me on my toes all day.

Forget the nap!! Ha.

So I made us eggs, waffles and blueberries and decided to get on with my day. I scrubbed the bathroom floor and toilet, threw a load of laundry in, changed his wrappings and fixed his splint, answered emails, did some work from home… all the while with a nagging urge to munch, munch. Two cups of coffee down the hatch I went into work for an hour while my mom watched Franny. Munched trail mix on the way.

Ate dinner tonight even though I had been grazing all day and really didn’t need the calories. And half-way through my second small helping of noodles, my mind flashed back to the articles I’d read about overeating and its relation to not getting enough sleep.


My appetite was insatiable, all day long, even with a happily fed tummy. I’ll have to remember that as I tuck myself in later than I should each night.