My Favorite Things

Favorite Things

I could have included a MIDI of the song, but I thought I’d spare you. On to the favorites…

Tony Chachere’s Spice N Herbs Seasoning – I have been known to buy this by the case. Tasty on fish (salmon+TCSNHS=YUM), burgers, chicken, ribs, eggs… possibilities endless.

Raw Honey – Read about it; it’s good. On toast, especially.

Ancora Coffee Roasters – Local coffee roasters. They’re awesome. You can buy it. It’s bueno.

Rishi Tea – Oh my, it is gooooood. Favorite: Earl Grey. Aww yeah, momma. It’s like that.

Cantu Hair Conditioner – I’ve got a head full of curly napps and I totally love this stuff. Wal-mart used to carry it, but now one has none and the other only has shampoo. If you ever wanna make a girl happy, send me a case of the conditioner. For reals. This stuff makes my curls soft, shiny and happy. I’ve used this for both conditioner washing and for regular after-shampoo conditioning. It made my hair happy either way.

White Diamonds Brillant by Elizabeth Taylor – Second to my own Patchouli blend perfume, this is my favorite fragrance to wear.

PaperBackSwap – Swap paperbacks for free (well, you have to mail a book to get a “credit” to receive a book, but still). Helps me get rid of my book clutter while getting some new books to read. Win win.

Promotional Pens – There’s no link to these, but I have a little thing for promo pens. You know, like the ones you get free at hotels? Business pens, that kind of thing? At work I’m always getting samples from National Pen Company and it literally rocks my socks. I work for a non-profit, though, so we don’t really have the budget for pens. But someone in the past must have sprung for some, ’cause they be sending little pens, calendars and such and I get all giddy.

Dove Chocolates – Preferably dark and preferably the eggs. Unfortunately the eggs only come around at Easter. The squares suffice the rest of the year.

Black & Decker Food Chopper

I have an older model of this, but that is a testimony to the longevity of this machine. I’ve had it for at least 2 years and it is fantastic. There’s nothing fancy about, I’ll admit. But for quickly chopping onions, celery and carrots for stews, casseroles or whatever — this badboy does great. I use it all the time. Salsa, hummus, chopping nuts… absolutely love the little guy.