My Favorite Things

Favorite Things

I could have included a MIDI of the song, but I thought I’d spare you. On to the favorites…

Tony Chachere’s Spice N Herbs Seasoning – I have been known to buy this by the case. Tasty on fish (salmon+TCSNHS=YUM), burgers, chicken, ribs, eggs… possibilities endless.

Raw Honey – Read about it; it’s good. On toast, especially.

Rishi Tea – Oh my, it is gooooood. Favorite: Earl Grey. Aww yeah, momma. It’s like that.

Cantu Hair Conditioner – I’ve got a head full of curly napps and I totally love this stuff. Wal-mart used to carry it, but now one has none and the other only has shampoo. If you ever wanna make a girl happy, send me a case of the conditioner. For reals. This stuff makes my curls soft, shiny and happy. I’ve used this for both conditioner washing and for regular after-shampoo conditioning. It made my hair happy either way.

PaperBackSwap – Swap paperbacks for free (well, you have to mail a book to get a “credit” to receive a book, but still). Helps me get rid of my book clutter while getting some new books to read. Win win.

Dove Chocolates – Preferably dark and preferably the eggs. Unfortunately the eggs only come around at Easter. The squares suffice the rest of the year.

Kitchen Aid Chopper – This replaces my beloved food chopper below.

No longer around…

Black & Decker Food Chopper

I have an older model of this, but that is a testimony to the longevity of this machine. I’ve had it for at least 2 years and it is fantastic. There’s nothing fancy about, I’ll admit. But for quickly chopping onions, celery and carrots for stews, casseroles or whatever — this badboy does great. I use it all the time. Salsa, hummus, chopping nuts… absolutely love the little guy.