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February 23, 2007

Curly Hair Hair Cut and Hair Care

Hair pictures, shall we?

This is where I started, before the fiasco (similar):


You saw where I was after the first cut. Below is where I wanted to be (similar) after the damage repair cut was finished:


I took her the example pictures above from this site.She studied the pictures and went to work. This is what she came up with:

new haricut new haircut

You can see I don't have my bangs pulled forward. I'm not accustomed to bangs at all but I probably should be with that big ol' forehead of mine. I should try it forward jussa see what it do.

Like I said, all went pretty well. I'm satisfied with my haircut. I'm not screaming from the top of the trees that it is, like, my mostfavoriteeverIloveit, but it will do. And it is a base for future cuts. I blurred out my face. Call me a freak, but I don't like putting my face out there. I know, I put my kid's faces, but not mine. More evidence of me the Freak. My daughter saw me blurring my pictures out and made fun of me. But whatever. It's about the hair right now. I don't think the pictures are very good. But then maybe it is the haircut that's not very good. Gah!! I just don't stop. The haircut is fine.

. . .

Let's talk curly hair hair care. For the record, I use some of the tips from this book:

Curly Girl

All curls are different, but I'll tell you what I do with mine to keep them generally happy.

My Curly Hair Care Routine

Day 1 - Wash, rinse, condition (leave conditioner in and comb through with a wide-tooth comb). Leave conditioner one while I do my other showerly duties. Rinse hair, letting it fall naturally, trying not to disturb it too much. Take a dime-sized blob of conditioner and squeeze through hair. Finish shower, wrap in towel and let air dry being careful not to let anyone (husband or kids) put their hands through my hair while it dries (which takes a looooong time) or when it is dry.

Day 2 - I put it up in a ponytail.

Day 3 - Same hair regimen as Day 1, except I do not shampoo. I work the conditioner into my scalp to clean it and rinse, but don't use shampoo.

Day 4 - I put it up in a ponytail.

Day 5 - Back to Day 1 routine and start all over again.

My favorite conditioner (that doesn't seem to irritate the heck out of my scalp and is good for my curls): Cantu. Love it. Wish I could use different kinds, but many seem to irritate my scalp. I think I have allergies or something.

Another conditioner I use and like that is paraben-free: Jason Scalp Balancing Natural Jojoba Conditioner. I really like this one and have had good results with it.

If anyone else out there has curly hair tips or product suggestion, I'm all ears baby. It has taken me years upon years of testing different products, hair-care regimens. I finally have things down to where I'm pretty satisfied.


Well if I could SEE YOUR FACE then it would be better to judge the whole effect of the newcut! LOL I agree with Soph you are a freak!LOL

OK Sueellen, I'm not even going to tell her you agree with her, LOL. I was kind of thinking the same thing when I was blurring my face out. Like... hmm, that kind of takes away from the hair.

I can't win.

I think it looks good. I too have the want a natural style but can't get anyone to cut it naturally. I have to just get a cut and then come home and work with it. It's horribly frustrating to go get your "hairs did" and then still have to go home and do it. grrrrr!

Okay so the routine, wash and condition and then throw some vitapoint in and then eco styler pink gel. brush it through with a detangling brush and then finger fluff.

The next day, just wet it and put the gel in. Every now and then if i don't like the quality of curl* i'm getting, i rinse with a weak solution of luke warm water and cider vinegar.

*lousy curl quality is when it starts looking like a bad jheri curl.

and the blurry mommy thing...uh uh.

It's karma that I found your blog tonight. I just finished reading the same curly hair book 10 minutes ago. No kidding. I'm glad to hear you like some of the tips from it. I'm going to experiment over the next few weeks and see if my curls improve.

I wish I could find something that worked. My naturally curly hair has spent the past five years or so being flattened daily by a straightening iron. I've given up trying to make it look decent in its natural state. If I don't have time to dry and straighten it then it goes into a pony tail.

My hair is extremely thick, extremely coarse, and extremely dry. Meaning, if I let it dry naturally without mounds of chemical help, I am in Rosanne-Rosanna-Danna mode, quite literally. And I cannot stand the stiffness and stickiness and itchy scalp that comes with chemicals to keep the frizz under control.

I've given up.

I heard that Ojon is very good, expensive but good... maybe you could treat yourself one day? Here is a link to the review on the Delush website

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