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February 16, 2007

This is Why I Hate To Get My Hair Cut (Part Two)

Pictures, you say? Why sure. I... well, I'll try (had to take them with a mirror so they're not the best). I let my hair dry yesterday and was disappointed, but not surprised. It was choppy. Not that cool, edgy, funk and hip choppy but a my-kid-got-hold-of-scissors-and-cut-my-hair-in-my-sleep choppy.

I showered and performed my regular hair routine today. Let it air dry. Normal. Ignored it for a few hours. Asked my husband what he thought. By the lack of enthusiasm and huge gap of quiet air before he responded summed it up pretty well.

"It is uneven," He offered. "But isn't that how it is supposed to be? How people have those uneven layer... things?"

"No Frank. No. It isn't even close."

I used a mirror to view the back of my head. Numerous times. Looking, looking. Dwelling. Pouting. Frank told me to call. I know. I have to call. I do. I did. I told them I needed to come in again. They told me the lady who did my hair wouldn't be in until Tuesday. I asked if someone else would, could do it so I didn't have to walk around with chop hair. They said no. I told her that if the lady who did my hair the first time had such a hard time, I was a little scared at the thought of letting her take stab number two at it. She said she'd pass that along.

I totally feel like I'm being a witch about it. But, then, at the same time, I just handed over a lot of grocery money to get my hair butchered. I could have done that mess myself.

Yeah, yeah. I now. Shut up and show the pictures already, right? Fine.





The pictures aren't great (they aren't before and after, just shots from different angles, different lighting), but you can't tell me that someone would want their hair cut like that. That there is a style going on here. Sob.


What the?? I think you have every right to be a little "witchy" about it . . . although I don't think you are. How did she manage to miss that the first time?

Thank you. I'm not just seeing things. I don't know how she didn't catch her error either. And I really don't want her to touch my hair ever again.

did she blow you out first? or cut you damp or anything? i go between getting it cut wet so they can see the curl pattern and cutting it blown out and dry so they can see what they're doing. either way, she needs to get it right. you could try showing her a picture of what you like? maybe?

Hey Tyra. She cut it dry (trimmed) then layered it a bit. But she used a small-toothed comb while she was doing it (I never use a small-toothed comb). When she was all done she put some product in it and set me under the dryer for a little bit.

It is hard for me because I wear glasses and have to take them off so I can't see what they're doing. I think she really needed to totally wet it down again and see where my hair fell, more like how I do it at home. It was all frizzed out and poofy when she sent me walking.

I know how you feel, I too have very curly hair and trying to find someone to cut it is sooo hard. Most people, it seems, dont have a clue what to do with it. The last time I went the woman tried to blow dry it without a difusser but with a big bristly brush!!

I went mad at the end and refused to pay full price as there was no way I was going to pay that much money and leave looking like that! And no thank you, I did not want them to wash it and start again!

Think you have been enormously restrained in your complaining. ;)

Say, there is no way you should have to put up with that cut. Show up on their doorstep, show them, hey, she really screwed up my hair, it needs fixed NOW, and most likely they will have someone fix it there and then... that's been my experience when someone has weed-whacked my hair. You paid for a service and it wasn't to your satisfaction, that's it. You have every right to go back there and get it fixed. I hope it goes well!

You have got to be kidding me! After seeing what she did to your hair they insisted you wait for her to come back to work! No way should you even have to pay!

Oh my gosh! I wouldn't want her fixing it either! You should call and talk to the manager. Surely she will let you come in and have it fixed by someone else!

Say, If she didn't know what she was doing she should of never attempted to try. She should of admitted to you she didn't know and gave you the choice of finding someone who did. Any decent salon would offer you your money back so you can go elsewhere to get it fixed. Don't worry about being witchy.. it is a business just like anywhere else. I have been in your shoes.

You have beautiful hair! You deserve a stylist who can do right by you. Yes, you need it fixed -- at their cost, not yours.

Thanks guys. I do appreciate that. I think I will wash and style my hair and go in tomorrow. It has really been bothering me... I didn't even want to wear my hair down today out of embarrassment.

I work at a salon and I'm amazed at all the clients who are unhappy but feel bad compaining. How else are they going to know that they are doing a bad job. Be assertive, and if you can, complain to the salon owner not the staff. Also, my hair is exactly like yours and it's very difficult finding a sylist who can work with curly har.

Hi! You don't know me, I'm a lurker. But I also have really curly hair and have been butchered many times. I found a great stylist at http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlsalons/salons_map.php You may also want to look for a stylist who is trained by Lorraine Massey. She wrote the Curly Girl book. Good luck. Sorry about the bad cut. That sucks! You do have gorgeous curls though! Never relax them again!

Suzanne that link is awesome. I'm reading through it right now. I love the curly girl book, by the way!!

Rita, you make good points. :)

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