Staples Coupon Bargains

Yesterday I received an email from Staples with a bunch of coupons in it. One was for a straight up $5/off a purchase. Free product. Yay. The rest were for pretty deep discounts on items I normally use. I printed the majority of them, and made a mental note to actually go to the store and redeem them. Sometimes I’m good at mapping out the bargains, but not so great on the follow through. This time, though, I followed through. And I’m happy I did.

I got all the above for $10. I wish I could say I got it for free, but… hey. $10 for all that isn’t bad. The notebooks, pink pen and Ticonderoga pencils were my semi-“freebies” purchased with the $5 off coupon. The pencils were $2 each, the pen $1, and the notebooks (the twins wanted notebooks), $1 each. So I went slightly over. But ah well. The pencils, as Carlito calls them are, “The World’s BEST Pencils” indeed. I will never think of them as just a pencil anymore, not after he asked for them. Mom, will you pick up some pencils? But they have to be THE WORLD’S BEST PENCILS, not just any pencil. He’s very literal like that. It wasn’t a joke. He meant for me to seriously pick up Ticonderoga, the world’s best pencil. He doesn’t want to write with anything else.

So, basically, I got the pencils, notebooks and pen for.. $3. Had the twins not been along, I would have gotten away scott free with the coupon. But, I’m not going to squirm too much over it.

Labels: $2 (reg. $9.99)

Pens: $2 (reg. $4.79)

Binder clips: $1 (reg. $2.99)

Copy paper: $2 (reg. $5.99)

Stickies $1 (reg. $5)

All of these items I will use, so in itself it is was good deal.